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Federal judge orders Kentucky clerk and her staff to court

Pope: Priests in Holy Year can absolve 'sin of abortion'

Dad attacks daughter's killer in court

Kentucky clerk still won't issue same-sex marriage licenses

Fragments of world's oldest Koran may predate Muhammad, scholars say

Movie Critics 'Trash'and 'Destroy'Hit Christian Film That Shocked at the Box Office ' but Wait Until You See the Stunning Audience Response

Ted Cruz's Harsh Words for Obama After Execution-Style Murder of Texas Deputy: 'From the Top on Down'

Female Fan Tugs on Rapper's Shorts to Get His Attention ' His Reaction Will Likely Result in Criminal Charges

Russia Expands Military Presence in Arctic as U.S. Appears to Downsize

12-Year-Old Girl Foils Attempted Break-In with Cellphone Footage

Martha MacCallum Interviews Jeb Bush on 'Act of Love' Immigration Remark, New Trump Ad

US Stocks Tumble as China Slowdown Deepens Concerns on Growth

Lindsey Graham: Ayatollah a 'Religious Nazi' Who Will Use Funds for War

Obama to Announce Plan For Building More Icebreakers in the Arctic


Drudge Report


NYSE invokes Rule 48, designed to smooth market open...

Canada officially in recession...

Surging ranks of ultrapoor in USA...

FLASHBACK: Nervous financiers purchase getaways to escape...


DOW -300


Hispanics hope visit changes tone of divisive immigration debate...

NYC School Closed After Legionnaires' Bacteria Discovered...


Donors Hoping Mitt Will Jump In...

Trump Returning to NBC for 'TONIGHT' Appearance...


Fast food worker yanked through drive-thru window by her hair...

Visitors 'shocked' to find mist showers placed at Auschwitz entrance...

Getting less than 6 hours of sleep means you're more likely to catch a cold'...

Radioactive material sent to TEXAS AM goes missing...

244 illegals rounded up in SoCal...

Austria inspects trucks for migrants, creates 18-mile backup...

Hungary shuts down rail traffic...

Chaos at Budapest Station...

Farage warns EU faces crisis of biblical proportions...

Czech President Calls for Army to Defend Border...

Murder of elderly couple in Sicily fuels Italy's growing anti-immigrant sentiment...

Kentucky clerk denies marriage license to gay couple despite U.S. Supreme Court ruling...



Outside the Box


Video: Who Would Really Want to Live in the Eugenics Record Office?

Iranian Guard Chief: USA 'Still Great Satan'

Thousands of Clinton Emails Released, Scores Retroactively Classified

Wall Street Panics Over Global Recession Fears

California Assisted Suicide Bill to be Heard in Special Session

Three US Citizens Sentenced For Conspiracy To Start A Revolution Using WMDs

Escape Casts Spotlight on Washington Use of Juvenile Inmates to Fight Wildfires

Maine Resident Shoots Intruder

Mainstream Media Goes Berserk

Obama Backs The Destruction Of The Ancient World

Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter Is A 'Vulgar, Vile, Vicious, Slimy Movement'

Students Revolt Over Tranny, Formerly Gay Male, Using Girls'Locker Room

In The Month Of September 2015 We Officially Enter The Danger Zone

More Clinton Emails Deemed Classified

Armed Black Panthers to Texas Cops: 'We Will Start Creeping Up on You in the Darkness'

Putin Says Dump Dollar

Donald Trump on Twitter                         


Migrant crisis isn't just Europe's problem, it's our problem, too
It is no surprise Europeans are nervous and many are close to panic.











The Five

Greta - On the Record

The O'Reilly Factor

The Kelly File



Savage Nation


9th Planned Parenthood Video: 'Really Weird' Loophole Let Government Buy 'Fetal Tissue'

ABC Warns of Clinton 'Scandal,'But Doesn't Give 'Critics'Air Time

CBS, NBC Tout Obama's Climate Change Speech In Alaska

POTUS on TV: 'Running Wild,' and Not Just Constitutionally

Pro-Choice USA Today Columnist Admits Planned Parenthood Videos 'Raise Doubts'

FNC's Kelly, Perino Slam Media for Double Standard in Treatment of Tea Party vs Black Lives Matter

CBS Hits TX Sheriff for 'Controversial Statements' About Black Lives Matter After Deputy's Death

Why Is the Press So Quiet About Illinois Lottery Winners Not Getting Paid?

Rachel Larris: Mississippi's Clarion-Ledger Promotes Blogger Who Compares "Abortion 'Doctors' With ISIS"

Joe Strupp: Trailblazing Female Sports Journalists Want An End To The TV Booth Mancave

Julie Alderman: Intelligence Experts Debunk Speculation That Hillary Clinton Could Face Criminal Action For Email Use

Media Matters staff: Media Matters Calls On Benghazi Committee To Review Facts Before Meeting With Clinton's Former State Department Aides

Media Matters staff: Fox's Bill O'Reilly Says Black Lives Matter Is A "Hate Group" That Wants Police Officers Dead

Media Matters staff: Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle On Black Lives Matter: "Their Agenda Is It's OK To Go Ahead And Kill Cops"

Media Matters staff: Fox Host Demands Forcible Shutdown Of Black Lives Matter Protests: "People Are Drunk On Rights In This Country"


Newspaper Row


Southern New Jersey man digs up live cannonball in backyard
Atlantic City bomb squad called after southern New Jersey man finds live cannonball in yard

Washington Post

Jeb Bush is unloading on Donald Trump. Good luck with that.

Rand Paul mocks Scott Walker over #8216;dumb#8217; Canadian border wall

The Iran deal is unpopular. Here#8217;s how it could hurt Democrats.

Howard Dean: The Case for Hillary Clinton

8 of the oddest new Hillary Clinton e-mails

Within Clinton#8217;s circle, resentments against Obama persisted for years

New James O#8217;Keefe video sting catches Clinton campaign being kind to a Canadian

Jeb Bush 'The Real Donald Trump' | Campaign 2016

In new video, Jeb Bush attacks #8216;The Real Donald Trump#8217;

Wall Street Journal

Renaming of Mount McKinley Roils GOP

Largest Batch of Clinton Emails Released

Sanders, Trump et al: Partying Like It's 1968

White House Readying Sanctions Plan Against Chinese Firms for Cybertheft

Chris Christie Looks for a Late-Night Lift

Former Virginia Governor to Remain Free During Supreme Court Appeal

California Lawmakers Approve Equal-Pay Measure

Air Force Official Predicts Private Launches for Military Satellites

Biden Faces Narrow Path to White House

Crises Put First Dents in Xi Jinping's Power

Washington Times

China parade draws Putin, but few other major world leaders

Michigan, Oklahoma attorneys general call for Iran sanctions

Pope Francis asks Valerie Herrera, a bullied Chicago girl, to sing for him

Temple of Bel in Syria 'destroyed,' satellite images show

Thai prime minister says main suspect in bombing arrested

Hungary shuts down rail traffic for westward-bound migrants

In Alaska, Obama depicts stark future without climate action

Delaware congressional delegation touts education grant

Clinton, aides stressed protecting State Dept info in email

LA Times

Three powerful Pacific hurricanes churning at the same time make weather history

Obama in Alaska: Climate-change deniers 'are on their own shrinking island'

This is climate change: Alaskan villagers struggle as island is chewed up by the sea

Suspect held in 'senseless and cowardly' killing of deputy near Houston

Is Donald Trump more than just a political fad?

White House insists Obama has no post-presidency plans as Columbia University rumor swirls

It's back to Denali, but some McKinley supporters may be in denial

Former Virginia governor can stay out of jail pending appeal, Supreme Court says

NY Times

First Draft: Jeb Bush Video Takes Aim at Donald Trump's 'Manhattan' Mind-Set

Your Tuesday Briefing

Kentucky Clerk Denies Gay Couples Marriage Licenses, Defying Court

California Prisons Agree to Scale Back Solitary Confinement

Public Editor's Journal: Prep-School Sex, Refugees and Clarence Thomas: Rounding Up Reader Concerns

Emails Show How Hillary Clinton Valued Input From Sidney Blumenthal

Shares Fall on Bleak Chinese Manufacturing Data

Review: Janet Jackson, in Vancouver on Unbreakable World Tour, Shows Off Her Demure Side

USA Today

Hurricane season heats up with three in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic

Pope Francis to allow priests to forgive abortion

Humanitarian response called for EU refugee Crisis

Fears ISIS will destroy Palmyra are once again justified

US Iran's 'No.1 enemy' despite nuclear deal: clerical leader

Thai police arrest Main Bangkok bombing suspect

Defeat Islamic State with culture war: Kean Hamilton

Thai prime minister says main suspect in bombing arrested

NY Post

This pit bull can jump higher than Lebron James

Red Sox find new ways to botch announcer firing

Bloomberg writer behind 'climate of fear'memo among 80 layoffs

I'm willing to have sex for the first time on national TV

Kentucky clerk still won't issue same-sex marriage licenses

Apple explores move into original programming

RG3 blames rip of 'sorry ass'Dan Snyder on Instagram intern

Japan ditches Olympic logo after artist spots his plagiarized work

NY Daily News

Bangkok blast suspect arrested by Thai police

Catholic priests can forgive women for abortions: pope

Final Malaysia Airlines flight touches down ahead of rebrand

Brits urged to donate sperm in national shortage

World-famous pianist killed, partner arrested

British mom wants to build 'safespace' for autistic son

Beauty queen devours 5lbs of frozen yoghurt

ISIS burns 4 accused men to death

Daily Mail

Ashley Madison could have 5.5m women members and 770k want lesbian affairs

Natalie Amyot who fell pregnant releases Youtube video to find baby's father

Spanish officials find migrant trying to reach Europe hidden in car engine

Dow plummets over 300 points and global stocks tumble as fears of China downturn intensify in roller coaster month of trading

New Jersey couple stranded in Portugal after giving birth to twins 13 weeks early while on vacation are still stranded THREE MONTHS later

Pope Francis grants Catholic priests the right to forgive women who have had abortions 

Atlanta cop shot and critically wounded 'after responding to wrong house'


The Lighter Side


There was a time when it seemed unimaginable that Joe Biden could ever be taken seriously enough to win his party's nomination, but Donald Trump just blew that idea right out the window.

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert




Ronda Rousey -- Hell Yeah I'll Go to Marine Ball ... But There's a Catch!

Justin Bieber -- Cruising on the Board in Beverly Hills Ghost Town (VIDEO)

Blac Chyna -- Suck My Tailpipe, Tyga Kylie ... I Got My Own Wheels (VIDEO)

Judge Joe Brown -- I Was Living Like a Slave ... Jail Sentence Ends

Janet Jackson -- Tears and Tribute to Michael Jackson for Tour Opener (VIDEO)

Dwyane Wade Gabby -- Biceps Butt Cheeks ... For 1 Year Honeymoon

Ex-UFC Star Chris Leben -- 30 Days In Jail ... For Assault Rifle Incident

Taylor Swift -- Felony Assault Onstage ... Fan Busted for Brawl (VIDEO)

Kevin Gates -- Cops Investigate Fan Kick ... Charges Coming Down

Yasiel Puig -- Versace Shopping Spree ... In Bev Hills

Robert Griffin III -- I Didn't Like Anti-Redskins IG Post ... It Was My Intern!!!

Porsha Williams -- Kicked In The Gut ... By 'RHOA' Co-Star

Chris Brown -- My Baby Mama's Got Terrible Judgment In Boyfriends

Charlie Sheen's XXX Ex -- Hornswoggled By Lenny Dykstra ... Allegedly

Ray Alvarado on 'The Secret World of Alex Mack': 'Memba Him?!

Hitting The Nail Salon With Your BFF Could Be Better Than Therapy

The 9 Most Cliche Breakup Lines vs. What They Actually Mean

6 Ways You Can Survive Life's Toughest Changes And Come Out On Top

Ladies! 5 Reasons Porn Is Your FRIEND

If You're Planning To Propose, THIS Is How You Should Do It



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Fox News

DANGEROUS CONFUSION Ga. officer shot, badly hurt responding to wrong house

DEFIANT AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE Citing religious beliefs, Ky. clerk again won't issue same-sex licenses

UNTOLD STORY? Oldest Koran may predate Muhammad, scholars say

IN THE DARK State Dept. IT staff unaware of Hillary's email setup

COURTROOM BRAWL Grieving dad attacks man who killed daughter, 3


Caught On Cam: Man Pushes Woman From Roof

Kentucky Clerk Continues to Withhold Marriage Licenses

Clerk Defies High Court, Denies Gay Marriage Licenses

Here We Go Again: Dow Plunges 300-Plus Points

Kentucky Clerk Defies SCOTUS, Rejects Gay Couples


Migrants erupt at train station

Sexton: Trump, Carson, Fiorina -- rise of the outsiders

Trump, the greatest foreign policy ever?

Does your teen know enough about sex?

What CDC could do about brain-eating amoeba

Can #Youstink campaign shake up Lebanon?

Pope: Forgive abortions, for now

Right Scoop

O'KEEFE HIDDEN CAMERA: Hillary's National Marketing Director ILLEGALLY accepts foreign contribution

McConnell: Defunding Planned Parenthood must wait for new president

New Jeb Web Ad hits back at Trump for being a Democrat

Ninth Undercover Video: Intact fetuses 'Just fell out'

HUH? British Imam says England is MORE ISLAMIC than Islamic countries!

NYT moron screams 'RACISM!'at white cop for REPEATING what he SAID JUST ONE minute before'

One America News

Pope to allow all priests to forgive abortion during Holy Year

Venice film fest on a roll with Oscar-lucky openers

Clinton friend advised on U.S. politics, foreign policy

General Electric names Beth Comstock as vice chair

Wall St. slumps as weak China data stokes growth fears

Man Group shares fall after report China head helping police probe

Obama pushes for more U.S. ice-breaking might in Arctic

ABC News

Kentucky Clerk Still Won't Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Donald Trump Reacts to Denali Renaming

US Couple Stuck in Portugal 3 Months After Premature Birth

Family Expected to File Lawsuit in San Francisco Pier Killing

Shots Hit 4 Vehicles on I-10 in Phoenix; Unclear If Related

Pope: Priests in Holy Year Can Absolve 'Sin of Abortion'

Southwest Flight Diverted After Passengers Become Disorderly

Over 7,000 Pages of Clinton Emails Released

Weekly Standard

New Planned Parenthood Video: Sometimes Intact Fetuses 'Just Fell Out'

The President Who Gets to Name Mountains

Jeb Hits Trump for 'Liberal Views'

Hillary Aide Tattled on Colleagues

Hillary Received Plan to Impeach Clarence Thomas

Step Up on Immigration

Laureate of Demons

Hillary's Senior Moment

The Greatest of Teachers

The Hill

Donald Trump opens the door for Kanye West

CECIL Act is first step toward ending trophy hunting

Making sense of methane regulation

For Biden, is third time the charm?

Sanders: Dems 'dead wrong' on debates

Obama: Climate change threatens US 'right now'

Carson catches Trump in Iowa

Trump tops GOP rankings

World Net Daily

Baby parts 'buyer'talks about clinic payoffs

Marriage clerk cites 'God's authority'to defy federal court

Trump vows to reverse Obama on Mount McKinley

Hillary pal slams 'alcoholic, lazy'Boehner

Hillary received plan to impeach Clarence Thomas

Court says 'Big Mountain Jesus'can stay

Russia, China pounce on U.S. hacked data

Police arrest 244 in immigration sting


Emails show Hillary's political sleuthing

The 21 Hillary Clinton emails you must read

Sid Blumenthal's raw advice for Hillary

David Brock penned memo on impeaching Clarence Thomas

Who's who in Clinton's email saga

Chaos in Colorado risks key Senate seat for GOP

Farmers: Trump 'terrible for agriculture'

Obama labor board flexes its muscles


Stafford, Bortles shine as Lions beat Jaguars 22-17

Vin Scully to return for record 67th year with Dodgers

AP Top Sports News At 9:16 p.m. EDT

Redskins say QB Griffin to miss Ravens game

Despite volatility, on-air rampage difficult to predict

Real Clear Politics

The Volatile Nature of Populism

Trump, Taxes and the Republican Party

Ben Carson Rising: Is Nice Making a Comeback?

Hillary Clinton vs. Ashley Madison

The Big Question: Will Biden Run?

Obama's AK Trip a 'Mission Accomplished'Moment?

Undoing the Unilateral Presidency

Digging a Hole To Build a Wall

Hot Air

Four day sweep in SoCal turns up hundreds of illegal alien felons

Let the attack ads begin: New Jeb Bush ad hits Trump for being a fake conservative

SCOTUS to KY clerk: Issue marriage licenses. Clerk: No

Now we'll switch to 'how do we explain Ben Carson?'

New CMP video: Sometimes babies just 'fall out'

Breaking: Pope still Catholic

Baltimore cancels leave for cops during Freddie Gray hearings

Quotes of the day


9th Planned Parenthood Video: 'Really Weird' Loophole Let Government Buy 'Fetal Tissue'

ABC Warns of Clinton 'Scandal,'But Doesn't Give 'Critics'Air Time

CBS, NBC Tout Obama's Climate Change Speech In Alaska

POTUS on TV: 'Running Wild,' and Not Just Constitutionally

Pro-Choice USA Today Columnist Admits Planned Parenthood Videos 'Raise Doubts'

FNC's Kelly, Perino Slam Media for Double Standard in Treatment of Tea Party vs Black Lives Matter

CBS Hits TX Sheriff for 'Controversial Statements' About Black Lives Matter After Deputy's Death

Smoking Gun

Fast Food Worker Pulled By Her Hair Through Drive-Thru Window

Alien Burglarizes Subway Restaurant. No, The Other Kind Of Alien...

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Man Busted After His Dog Tests Positive For Meth

Police Arrest Man, 34, Following Unprovoked Potato Salad Attack On His Mother

Man Indicted For Shotgun Blasts At Hovering Drone

Naked Female Driver, 23, Who Caused Power Outage Charged With Driving While Stoned

Sex Rejection Prompted Battery, Police Charge

Canada Free Press

Radical politics of Canadian Bishops seeks to turn Canada over to the lib-left

Illinois now giving lottery winners IOUs

So Much To Look Forward To

Fossil Fuels are the Major Source of Energy

Democrats: Partying (Pretending? Praying?) like it's 1992

China and Russia are Waging War on America

Hillary: We want to know how you plan to spend your time in prison

Nuclear Fiascoes: From Diplomatic Failure With North Korea To Debacle With Iran

Will President Obama's Regulations Move U.S. Industries Offshore?

The Ulsterman Report

The Divisive &Deadly Message Of 'Black Lives Matter'

Regarding The On-Air Shooting Death Of Two Local News Reporters'

Obama IRS Found Hiding Another Lois Lerner Email Account As Abuse Scandal Continues'

Where Have All The Hurricanes Gone?

About That 14th Amendment: Trump Is Right, It Does NOT Grant 'Born Here Citizenship'

As Economic Abyss Looms, Donald Trump Promises America Can Do Better'

Available For The First Time 'RACE WARS OMNIBUS ONE

You In The Mood For Something To Make You Smile? (VIDEO)


More steps towards restoring Turkish-Israeli ties

Greek coast guard boards suspected ISIS arms ship near Crete

Rocket from Gaza follows IDF-Palestinian clash in West Bank town of Jenin

Netanyahu called off Knesset vote on gas after secret talks with Turkey

DEBKAfile: Coordinated ISIS executions in Sinai and Libya

ISIS surprise raid seizes Damascus district, fires missile at TV station

Netanyahu opts against putting gas deal to Knesset vote


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