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Both Democratic and Republican members of Congress have a median net worth of $1,000,000. Our elected officials remain increasingly out of touch. Jesse Ventura has an unconventional solution that will send them a much needed message.

Obama widens post-2014 combat role for U.S. forces in Afghanistan Scandal-plagued former Washington mayor Marion Barry dies Countdown to missed opportunity for EU economy Anxious residents of Missouri town await grand jury verdict Iran says nuclear deal 'impossible' by November 24 deadline: ISNA Islamic State kills at least 25 Iraqi tribesmen near Ramadi: officials U.S. and Turkey discuss transition away from Assad in Syria Volunteer snow shovelers hit Buffalo streets as flooding fears rise Missouri town on edge awaiting grand jury decision on police shooting Volunteer snow shovelers hit Buffalo streets as flooding fears rise Bill Cosby says he does not have to 'answer to innuendos': report University of Virginia suspends fraternal organizations in assaults probe Iran nuclear talks may be extended as U.S. sees 'big gaps' Demonstrators clash with French police over protester death Obama approves fresh guidelines for U.S. military in Afghanistan Somali Islamists execute 28 non-Muslims on Kenyan bus U.S. plans to arm Iraq's Sunni tribesmen with AK-47s, RPGs, mortars Lavrov accuses West of seeking 'regime change' in Russia U.S. and Turkey discuss transition away from Assad in Syria Islamic State kills at least 25 Iraqi tribesmen near Ramadi: officials U.S. pledges $135 million in additional Syria aid after U.N. warnings FBI arrests two would-be Ferguson bomb suspects: law enforcement source Obama seeks support for immigration plan, blasts Boehner Officials prepare for Ferguson grand jury decision, urge calm Obama signs order expanding U.S. Afghanistan role: NYT

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COMEDIANS ROYAL FIXER TELLS ALL: Former NBC employee says Bill Cosby had him pay off women with thousands of dollars in money orders in his name, and stand guard while young models visited his dressing room SEE THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Why did it take so many years and so many women to believe those accusing Bill Cosby of sex-related crimes?

Grieving dad throws chair at Dutch judge after man who killed his 2-year-old girl gets a slap on the wrist


Ferguson Prepares for Fallout From Michael Brown Grand Jury Decision -

Former District of Columbia mayor Marion Barry dies - USA TODAY

Iran Nuclear Deal Compromise Sought as Tomorrow's Deadline Looms - Businessweek

Viva Executive Orders on Immigration! - RealClearPolitics

Obama widens post-2014 combat role for US forces in Afghanistan - Reuters

Pac-12 Roundup: Hundley leads UCLA to third-straight win over Trojans - Yakima Herald-Republic

Japan Earthquake Injures Dozens; Hakuba Hardest Hit -

Buffalo's forecast: Warming + rain = flooding See rescue of people trapped in ... - CNN

University of Virginia Suspends All Fraternities After Sex Assault Report -

Kenya bus attack: Al-Shabab claims responsibility - BBC News

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Drudge Report

No Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Until Monday Earliest...

Bizarre holding pattern...

Signs of rising tension...



Brinkmanship Heightens as Deadline for Deal Looms...

Latin America applauds Obama's immigration move...

MAG: Congress May Censure Presidente...

PAPER: Four words that could unravel Obamacare...

Grover Norquist: Walker 2016!

Deep Field Reflects Party Divisions...



US warns citizens to avoid Acapulco...

Bighorn sheep escapes Los Angeles Zoo, dies after car strikes it...

UPDATE: 4-year-old shoots 3-year-old neighbor...

Tens of Thousands Take Part in Spanish Anti-Abortion Rally...

Hitler watercolor fetches 130,000 euros at auction...

UPDATE: Colosseum to come alive after 2,000 years...

Naked Suspect Assaults Elderly Man After Falling From Airport Bathroom Ceiling...


Hot Stuff

Kim K.s butt now a snowblower?

Did this reality TV star have plastic surgery?

Beyonc shows off assets in music video


Robin Thicke -- Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? A Young, Hot Model!

Dwight Howard -- Baby Mama Royce Reed Also Investigated for Child Abuse

UFC Hottie Brittney Palmer -- I'll Paint You A Picture ... For $6,000 a Pop

G.R.L. Singer Simone Battle -- I Died, But My Sony Deal Lives On

Riff Raff -- I Don't Just Tip Toe In My Jawwdinz ... I Ball In Them!!

Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!

'Plastic Wives' Star -- My Ex Is Like Satan!

Chloe Sevigny: Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Robert Pattinson -- Grabbin' a Handful of Booty

Bill Cosby -- Cries On Stage ... But More About Jello than Women

Stephen Collin's Celeb Lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan Arrested for DUI

Kanye West -- China-Bound for Next Album ... Yeezus Sequel!!

Bill Cosby -- New Allegation ... He Slipped Me A Quaalude and I Woke Up with His Friend

Cheryl Hines -- Hey Miley, the Kennedy's Are Waiting for You!

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

For The Love Of The Game: 10 Celebs Who LOVE Dating Athletes

10 Ways Smart Women Choose To Be Really, Truly, Simply HAPPY

5 Ways To Make Sure Deal Breakers Don't Ruin Your Relationship

Need A Good Rom-Com? Check Out 'All Relative'This Weekend

5 Sneaky Ways Your S.O. Says I Love You (Without Saying A Word)

News of the Stupid

Town refuses to have Winnie the Pooh as a mascot because of his "dubious sexuality".

Naked Man Assaults 84-Year-Old Man in Boston Airport

Florida creamery fighting government rule that bars them from accurately labeling skim milk as skim milk.

Students Tweet Pics of What Might Be the Saddest School Lunches You’ve Ever Seen

Convicted Mayfair tire slasher arrested again

Snipers ordered to shoot escaped Highland cows in Germany - Telegraph

Firefighters forced to use Melways obviously to Stupid to use iPhones

Cops: Naked suspect assaults man, 84, at airport

'Anti-Barbie' doll goes on sale on US

Drunk Man Rides Bike To Taco Bell Drive Thru, Gets Arrested, Ends Up With Saddest Mug Shot Ever

Smoke's out! Colorado hospital doesn't want puffers for jobs

Cops: Woman killed ex, son on day engagement ended

Fox cries foul over Obama’s Bible quotes in immigration speech: That’s ‘not proper use!’

Feds: Former Pa. worker stole 600 surplus combat helmets

Winslow Township police officer charged with shooting his own patrol car

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More News


ISIS threatens key Iraq province

U.S. extends combat role in Afghanistan

4 reported dead after 5.9 quake in China

New Beyonce video rocks the Web

Red flags missed at Newtown

Report: Lanza a loner, anorexic

FSU gunman sent out 10 packages

Family starts drive to save their pit bull

Obama sounds a lot like Bush

Obama responds to heckler

Fox News

STILL FAR APART: Hope fades for Iran nuclear deal as deadline nears

UNION'S DUE Dem nominee misses deadline to repay $500G

BEIJING LAND GRAB China reportedly building airstrip-capable island

MARION BARRY DIES Ex-DC Mayor nabbed in 1990 crack sting was 78

MILITANT REHAB Released Gitmo prisoner to join Saudi program

Ferguson grand jury decision unlikely this weekend, sources say

Warm temperatures prompt flood watch in upstate New York after heavy snow


'Pray for Peace': Ferguson Braces for Grand Jury Decision

Marion Barry, Former Washington Mayor, Dead at 78

Drug-Lab Chemical Sends Sheriff's Deputies to Hospital

Flood Threat Looms for N.Y. After Arctic Onslaught

Son Killed on Hunting Trip With Dad

Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Dies at 78

Cops Shoot 12-Year-Old Carrying Toy Gun in Cleveland

Cops Shoot Boy, 12, Carrying 'Airsoft' Toy in Cleveland

Washington Times

Diplomat to get honorary Montana State doctorate

Somalia's al-Shabab kills 28 non-Muslims in Kenya

John Kerry: 'Serious gaps' in nuclear talks with Iran

'Biden get out!': VP given rough reception by Turkish protesters

Japan struck by magnitude 6.8 earthqake near Nagano city

N. Korean student with ties to Kim Jong-un regime escaped kidnap attempt in Paris

LA to host climate summit with Chinese, US leaders

Obama quietly broadens mission in Afghanistan

US warns citizens to avoid resort of Acapulco

Huffington Post

Marion Barry, 4-Term D.C. Mayor, Dead At 78

Mike Brown's Mom Urges Ferguson Protesters To Remain Peaceful


On Keystone And The N.S.A., Hillary Clinton Remains Quiet

Indianapolis Star Alters Racist Thanksgiving Cartoon, Then Deletes It And Apologizes

Proud Community, Proud Americans

The Impact and Lasting Legacy of Ferguson, Missouri and Michael Brown

This FCC Commissioner Did A Reddit Chat. It Did Not Go Well.


House Panel Rejects Benghazi Conspiracies

Obama Either Ruined or Saved America: 4 Takes

House GOP Sues Obama Over ObamaCare

GOP: We'll Fight 'Defiant' Obama on Immigration

Armed Woman Arrested Outside White House

Obama: This Isn't 'Mass Amnesty,' It's a Needed Fix

Dental Coverage Inflated ObamaCare Numbers

Things to Watch in Obama's Immigration Address

Jim Webb's Move the First Salvo in Battle of 2016

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

One America News

Moldova, eyeing Ukraine, divided on Europe integration as election nears

Islamic State has lured 550 Germans into fighting: spy agency

Italy regional votes to test public mood on Renzi

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe tightens grip on party, to choose successor

Exclusive: China ready to cut rates again on fears of deflation –sources

For many young British Muslims tug of peace is stronger than pull of war

Falling inflation a worry for Europe but also the world

ABC News

Grand Jury Keeps Ferguson on Edge

Report Questions Role of Wealth in Sandy Hook Shooter's Care

DIY Health Cures Anyone Can Do

Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Dies at 78

A Way for GOP to Defuse Immigration Issue?

Cleanup on, Flood Threat Looms After Huge NY Snow

2 in Missouri Charged With Lying on Forms to Buy Guns Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

Official: Man Who Killed Deputy Had Made Threats

Weekly Standard

A Very Merry Shopping Season Indeed

'Golf Partners, Statement on Nairobi Attack'

Six Democratic Senators Have Criticized Obama's Executive Amnesty (So Far)

Biofuels and the Do-Nothing EPA

Kristol Podcast: Obama's Immigration Victory?

Her Fifteen Minutes

Failing to Rise to the Challenge

Who Didn’t He Rip Off?

Brush to Pen

The Hill

You should feel broke, because you are

An NLRB prescription for trouble

By writing off Landrieu, Dems are writing off the South

Obama's immigration move is a home run for Hillary Clinton

Networks won't air Obama speech

Hispanic Dems differ on immigration order

How the Keystone bill died

Obama moves to give legal status to 5 million illegal immigrants

World Net Daily

West passing on Iran 'mea culpa'in nuke deal?

No decision: Michael Brown grand jury to meet Monday

Nearly 900,000 illegals with removal orders still in U.S.

Door opens for scrutiny of Federal Reserve

Pat Boone sounds off on 'Rabbi who Found Messiah'

35 years of 'The Jesus Film'has changed millions of lives

Civil rights official blasts forced funding for abortion

Islam, anti-Semitism sneak into Tennessee textbooks


The Never-Ending Replay of November 22, 1963

Money can't buy Christie love

How not to count to 7 million

Rise of the Rust Belt Republicans

Obama touts immigration action in Las Vegas

20 Republican wannabes to watch

Bureaucratic nightmare on immigration?

Lack of immigration plan flusters GOP


“Do you think I married my father?”

When polar bears attack: How climate change is creating a new breed of unlikely killers

Forget the “polar vortex” backlash: How I learned to love an overused media buzzword

Ill Doctrine: 3 hip-hop lessons every young activist should learn

The ominous reason voter turnout was so low this election cycle

Real Clear Politics

Obama Returns to Vegas a Weaker President

The President's Immigration Move Is a Win

Obama Seeks Relevance, Mortgages Dems'Future

The Republicans'Outrage Trap

Obama Thinks He's Winning, But He's Not

Immigration Enriches You and Me

He Never Learns

Obama, Immigration, and Election Results

Free Republic

Russia to seek new partners if Western oil majors leave: minister

Ivy League School Holds Funeral For Michael Brown And Non-White People Killed By Racism

Iran says final nuclear deal with major powers 'impossible' by deadline


Woman who was raped, burned dies in Kansas

Obama, Our Modern John C. Calhoun

An invitation for disaster (Not one mention of George Soros, Tom Steyer or any other leftist)

DUPREE: Black Leaders Shamefully Silent On Obama’s Amnesty


Trinamool Congress Skips Government's All-Party Meeting

Smriti Irani Turns Down Demands to Make Sanskrit Compulsory

Arpita, Aayush Pay Salman Khan Surprise Visit on Bigg Boss Sets

Government to Push Economic Agenda in Winter Session of Parliament Starting Tomorrow

Two Indians to be Declared Saints by the Vatican Today

Burj Khalifa, the Site for World's Highest Selfie

Expat Hiring Picking Up at Top Management Levels: Experts

Godmen as Gangsta

MPs Want Seat Upgrade, Extra Baggage for Free. Air India Says 'Sorry, Not Always'



Cub Swanson Has No Answer for Frankie Edgar

Nudity, Veganism, Lee Corso, and Pandemonium at Harvard Stadium

Man, the Vikings Could Really Use Adrian Peterson: Week 12 NFL Preview

SNL Jokes: Merkel Wants to Have Sex With Obama

Earthquake Hits North Texas

SNL Rips Obama With Updated Version of Schoolhouse Rock

LAUSD Agrees to Pay $139 Million to Settle Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit

MA Sheriff: Exec Amnesty Will 'Make It Impossible' For Us to Notify ICE


FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

Marvel Announces New ‘Howard the Duck’ Comic Book

Video Shows Teacher Forcing Girl Into School Pool

For 1 Night on Stage, Embattled Cosby His Old Self

Somalia’s Al-Shabab Kills 28 Non-Muslims in Kenya

Children’s Author Helps Raise Thousands After Racist Remark

Obama Tells Ferguson to ‘Keep Protests Peaceful’

Back to the Future II Turns 25 — Or, in Future Years, -1

Daily Beast

What It Takes to Exterminate the Grizzly

How a GOP Senate Can Help the Poor

The Many Lives of David Hockney

The Week in Viral Videos

What It Takes To Fix American Education

The Week’s Best Longreads

New York’s Stunning Christmas Windows

How Bush Shaped Our Reading of Roth

The Blaze

Remember the Government Lessons of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’? Watch ‘President Obama’Destroy What You Learned With One Hard Shove.

What Is the Temple Mount, and Why Is There So Much Fighting Around It?

Major Newspaper Pulls Cartoon Critical of Obama’s Immigration Reform After Many Call It ‘Racist’

Another Cosby Sexual Assault Accuser Goes on the Record — This Time a Former Playmate of the Month

Official: Man Who Fatally Ambushed Florida Deputy Made Previous Threats Against Police

Cop Caught on Video Slapping and Punching Woman During Arrest Gets Punished — but It’s Not the Sanction You’d Likely Expect

Hot Air

Tunisians go to the polls today, and I go with them.

Quotes of the day

Matthew Miller really did want to stay in North Korea

ObamaCare 2016: If you like your plan, you’ll love it when we pick a different one

The ultimate Friday document dump? 30,000 Lerner e-mails magically appear

Reality check: We don’t need “comprehensive anything” out of Congress, thanks.

Video(s): Hillary’s “consistent” views on executive overreach

NYT: While you were sleeping, Obama re-upped us for another year in Afghanistan; Update: Biden in 2010: Pulling out in 2014 “come hell or high water”


Parade: Jon Stewart 'Tells the Truth and Attacks Hypocrisy With Surgical Precision'on TV

Saturday Night Funny Video: Buffalo’s Snow Nothing Compared to Conditions in Southern California

Missouri Governor Calls the Guard Into Ferguson; WaPo Provides Cover for DOJ's Claims of 'Escalation'

NYTimes Applauds Obama's Imperial Move, Bringing Illegals 'Out of the Shadows'(To Coin a Phrase)

Reporters Gather on NPR, Bash Ted Cruz as Lurching 'Far to the Right'

People Selects THIS Christian Athlete as One of ‘2014's Sexiest Men Alive’

Jon Stewart -- Comedy's Jonathan Gruber -- Attacks Sean Hannity

Smoking Gun

World's Dumbest Credit Card Thief Gets Collared

Mailman Charged With Distributing Methamphetamine While On His Texas Delivery Route

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Attorney Probed For Hypnotizing Female Clients

Cops: 350-Pound Thief In Motorized Scooter Caught Sitting On Stolen Walmart Steaks

New Jersey Cops Hunt Woman Who Let Her Dog Urinate On $2000 Worth Of Clothing In Lane Bryant Store

Cop Busted For Exposing Himself To Male Drivers

Police Arrest South Carolina Stripper For Brutal Stiletto Beating Of Female Coworker

Canada Free Press

Amnesty for Unamerica

Gut-Wrenching Challenge: Remaining Respectful & Reasonable during Obama Atrocities

One Illegal Thing Is Working for Obama But Three More Will Decimate His Amnesty Plan

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Urged to Run for President in 2016

Three Steps to Resolve Immigration Issue

Our new Congress must impeach Obama –  Attacks will happen anyway

Capitalism Cataclysm

Republican Party Cowards

Despite Lawless Immigration Decree, Obama Urges Ferguson Protesters to Honor Rule of Law!

The Ulsterman Report

Obama White House Declares Spanish To Be America’s Official Language?

Fox’s “Outnumbered”–A Thinking Person’s Alternative To “The View”

“I Do Solemnly Swear”

D.C. WHISPERS: Obama Dares America –“Come And Get Me”

The Essential GruberGate Video –Share It!

Obama To Make Amnesty Announcement At Failing Hispanic High School

CAUGHT ON TAPE –Obama Loves Him Some John Gruber…

Obama Wants Federal Internet Tax


DEBKAfile will be closed temporarily


Netanyahu: Israel threatened by Iran’s ability to jump quickly to nuke

Uganda foils major terrorist attack linked to al-Shabab

IDF Northern Command warns Hizballah plans invasion in next clash

Kerry says he is encouraged by pledges of military assistance against IS

Australia to send 600 troops to fight ISIS

Washington Post

Conservative expert on immigration law to pursue suit against executive action

Federal Eye: Agency that few Americans use draws controversy

National roundup: Rising temperatures raise threat of flooding near Buffalo

Fact Checker: Not all Canadian oil from Keystone pipeline will leave United States

Chicago rally celebrates Obama’s actions but presses for further immigration reform

GovBeat: Seattle mayor pardons Tofurky, because it’s Seattle

Balz: For Democrats, Hillary Clinton just has to say ‘Go.’ For voters, she’ll have to say much more.

GovBeat: How the Obama administration handles immigration like it handles marijuana policy

The Fix: Where people who got green cards in 2013 came from

Wall Street Journal

Americans in Mexican Uniforms Chase Cartels

GOP Charts Course Against Immigration Move

For Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs, Startup Visas Offer a Chance to Finish

New Perils Could Await Some Immigrant Workers

White House Cites Precedents for Immigration Action

Obama to Visit India in January

House GOP Files Suit Over Health Law

Obama Signs Immigration Action

GOP, Obama Tread a Delicate Political Path

'I Voted Today!' Sticker Photos

Washington Times

Diplomat to get honorary Montana State doctorate

Somalia's al-Shabab kills 28 non-Muslims in Kenya

John Kerry: 'Serious gaps' in nuclear talks with Iran

'Biden get out!': VP given rough reception by Turkish protesters

Japan struck by magnitude 6.8 earthqake near Nagano city

N. Korean student with ties to Kim Jong-un regime escaped kidnap attempt in Paris

LA to host climate summit with Chinese, US leaders

Obama quietly broadens mission in Afghanistan

US warns citizens to avoid resort of Acapulco

LA Times

With immigration action, Obama charts a new path forward

Women find their voice in Ferguson protest movement

Republicans want to oppose Obama on immigration, but how?

Amid racial tension, 'I love Ferguson' shop emphasizes community

Pentagon operation name for Islamic State fight inspires criticism

GOP panel on Benghazi finds no Obama administration wrongdoing

New York braces for flooding as warming trend follows epic snowstorm

Grand jury decision on Ferguson police shooting anxiously awaited

NY Times

Marion Barry, Former Mayor of Washington, Dies at 78

Manny Pacquiao Defeats Chris Algieri by Unanimous Decision

Baby Girl Accidentally Shot in New York City Home

Boy, 12, Shot and Wounded by Cleveland Police Officer

Saudi Detainee Is Released From Guantánamo Bay After 12 Years

Lawyer Who Represented Bin Laden Kin Is Sentenced in Tax Case

Turmoil Over Immigration Status? California Has Lived It for Decades

After Snow, Western New York Prepares for Floods

USA Today

U.S. officers mourn losing their 1st Ebola patient

'Biden, get out': Protesters heckle VP in Turkey

Several injured after suspected gas explosion in London hotel

The day in pictures

Pope Francis offers solidarity to people with autism

Reporter's Notebook: Inside Liberia's Ebola fight

Kerry: 'Serious gaps' remain in Iran talks

Hitler watercolor sold for $162,000 at auction

Daily Mirror

Ukraine border guards clash with rebels near Russian border: military

What is the ice bucket challenge?

Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of 'invasion pretext'

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Gaza militants resume rocket fire at Israel after truce expires

Obama authorizes limited air strikes against militants in Iraq

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

NY Daily News

Family of ISIS victim Alan Henning pay tribute to his life

Mali confirms new case of Ebola, tests two others

Man in Guantanamo Bay for 12 years released: Pentagon

'Serious gaps' between world leaders, Tehran: Kerry

Japanese city that hosted 1998 Olympics rocked by earthquake

Newborn found abandoned in Australian drain

President Obama broadens mission in Afghanistan: officials

See it: Tiny guard dog scares off big, bad burglar

The Times of India

Islamic State has 'lured 550 Germans' into fighting

Putin says Russia is not isolated

30 militants killed in Afghanistan

Bangladesh arrests woman leader of militant outfit

Iran says final nuclear deal with major powers "impossible" by November

Afghanistan parliament approves US, Nato agreements

PIO’s internet TV startup files for bankruptcy

West using Ukraine crisis for regime change: Russia

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