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Highlighting contrast, 2020 Democrats ditch AIPAC as Trump affirms Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights - Washington Examiner

Historic river flooding in Central US to continue for weeks - AOL

Democrats celebrating New Zealand gun ban expose the Left's authoritarian impulses - Washington Examiner

'Cancel Brexit' petition passes 2m signatures on Parliament site - BBC News

Jimmy Carter becomes oldest living American president - NBC News

Stacey Abrams nonprofit's spending prompts questions

As Twitter fans help Mike Gravel, pondering 2020 run, his controversial past causing commotion

Kamala Harris' Texas trip, Hickenlooper's 'embarrassment' featured by 'Daily Briefing' on Political Tales from the Trail

Comey hopes Mueller report shows rule of law, doesn't think Trump should be impeached

Pompeo vows to pile economic, political pressure on Iran

Pompeo: We are committed to helping Venezuela

Democrats push for assault weapons ban following New Zealand terror attack

1964 Berkeley protester outraged at what Free Speech Movement has become

Ingraham: Liberals repeal free speech

Matthew Charles recognized as first prisoner released under First Step Act

Dershowitz: Comey and Others Committed Fraud on FISA Court ' Should Be Held in Contempt (VIDEO)

Illegal Alien Murders Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Thompson, Wounds Police Officer In Washington ' Update: ICE Response

VIDEO: 'Baked Alaska' Blames Alt-Right for Radicalizing New Zealand Mosque Shooter ' Supports Far Left Andrew Yang 'Updated

It Just Got Weirder' Gov. Hickenlooper Shares Endearing Story on How He Took His Mother to 'Deep Throat' (VIDEO)

Figures. New Zealand Bookstore Bans Jordan Peterson's Self-Help Book Following Mosque Shooting' But Still Sells Hitler's Mein Kampf

Ocasio-Cortez calls Trump a 'nematode'during 'Late Night'appearance

US forces say 2 American service members killed in Afghanistan

Mom, man charged in child abuse death of 2-year-old Chicago boy

How do terrorists want us to react?

Why we don't have the leaders we want

Trump tries to explain but takes more shots at McCain

Sore loser Stacey Abrams for VP? Don't do it, Uncle Joe!

Republican freshman slams Trump for 'trashing' John McCain

Report: Final Islamic State Stronghold in Syria Falls

Afghanistan Again Postpones Presidential Election During Taliban Peace Talks

Dem Rep. Brown: The Way Trump Made Golan Heights Announcement Is 'Highly Inappropriate'

Globalist 'Never Trump' Billionaires Enjoy Access to Trump White House

Virginia Targets 'Plagiarism' College that Gave Work Permits to Foreign Grads

Old Rules of Thumb Yield to Even Older Ones

Why Should a Republican Stay in an Immoral Party

The Phenom: How Ocasio-Cortez Became a Lightning Rod

Ocasio-Cortez Is a Massive Gift to Republicans

The Racist Right and the Death of Fascist Irony

School district pays $375K to boy who developed PTSD after sex with California teacher Corine Audiat

Meet the seven-foot-six-inch tall Central Florida basketball star taking March Madness by storm

Nigerian brother at the center of the Jussie Smollet scandal is filmed competing in a boxing match

UCLA soccer coach resigns after he was accused of taking $100,000 to get a developer's daughter in

Homeless Arizona drug dealer, 40, arrested for bestiality with his cat

Wendy Williams' unfaithful husband Kevin Hunter says family's 'dealing with' her sobriety struggles

Johnny Manziel's wife completely removes the football bad boy from her Instagram

Sources Mueller close to Robert Mueller Russia investigation say there will be no more indictments

Customs and Border Patrol detains nine-year-old US citizen for over 30 hours

Tech industry liberal bias 'the greatest threat to liberty in history'


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Trump blames Fed for holding back economic growth...




Immigration arrests fall under Trump...

Thousands of Border Crossers to Be Released Over Weekend.....

Surge overwhelms govt...

Court backlog up 300%...

Investigative division of ICE feels ostracized...

Toilet seat detects heart conditions...

Antitrust lawsuit against mega hotel chains moves forward...

LA bans ROUNDUP...

Kale now one of most pesticide-contaminated vegetables...

PARAMOUNT demands naked sex scene cut from Elton John 'ROCKET MAN'...

Priest Accused Of Groping Woman During Last Rites...

NYT CEO warns publishers ahead of APPLE news launch...

NOONAN: Congress's Mean Girls Are Trump's Offspring...

President keeps up attacks on 'horrible' McCain...

'I was too worried about approval' says feminist icon Steinem...

Military steps up preparations in case of no deal Brexit...

May stares into abyss...

Pressured to name RESIGNATION date...

King stays queen of CBSNEWS...



World's smallest bears communicate like humans...

Facial expressions throw doubt on mankind superiority...

Bolsonaro 'turned me into a pariah', says gay lawmaker who fled Brazil...

World's first nationwide DNA database sparks human right fears...

Pentagon Moves More Data to AMAZON Cloud...

LA wants to track data on scooter users...

INVESTIGATION: Our phones ARE listening to us...

INSTAGRAM to block anti-vaccine hashtags amid 'misinformation' crackdown...

Half Americans Don't Know First Amendment Freedoms...

1 In 5 Not Familiar With Bill Of Rights...



Kellyanne Scolds Husband: Keep it Private...

Donald protective of me...

Freshman Dems to meet with Obama next week...

FACEBOOK Left Up Video of New Zealand Shootings for an Hour...


Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords Exposed to Employees...

Labrador Retriever Top Dog Breed For 28th Straight Year!

SPACEX to blast people across Atlantic in 30 mins...

Extraordinary Birth: Twin Inside Twin...

Robots enable BEES and FISH to talk to each other...

Model with Down syndrome breaks stereotypes...

Auschwitz pleads with visitors: Stop disrespectful photos...


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Triggered Feminists Think Feelings Are Facts

Trump Signs Executive Order to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses

Infowars Reddit AMA Featuring: Kaitlin Bennett

Patriots Unplug From Big Brother In Search Of Free Speech

Globalist Elite Hunger For The Pain Of Children

BREAKING: Roundup "Weed Killer"Contributed to CA Man's Cancer; 100's of Billions in Future Liability for Monsanto-Bayer

MoviePass co-founder testing new 'PreShow'app that awards users free movie tickets if they agree to be WATCHED by facial recognition cameras

Don't have a heart attack but your implanted defibrillator can be hacked over the air (by someone who really wants you dead)

'Cancel Brexit'petition passes 2m signatures on Parliament site

'RUSSIAN COLLUSION!' Nigel Farage calls out Remainer petition signed by MOSCOW residents

No deal Brexit NUCLEAR BUNKER set up beneath Whitehall by MOD - 3,500 troops on standby

The Fed Broke This Economic Cycle'and It's a Game Changer for Investors

An Outage is Bad for Facebook, but Great for PornHub

'No deal' Brexit set for April 12, unless May unites British MPs to win extension for 40 more days

Arrest of Juan Guaido's Aide

IT'S OFFICIAL; U.S. Silver Production The Lowest In More Than 70 Years

The Real US National Debt Might Be $230 Trillion

CNN Contributor Rebukes Network for Charlottesville Hoax

Who's Really Responsible for the Christchurch Terrorist Attack on a Mosque?

Fentanyl deaths skyrocketed more than 1,000% over six years in the US. Here's who it's killing

The digital detectives determined to get rid of shooting video

12 reasons why another financial crisis is imminent, followed by a global recession

List of Companies from FedEx to BMW Are Warning about the World Economy

Bill Still: Joe diGenova - Bill Barr Is Doing His Job - Includes what may be one of the last factual reports out of Fox.

A Judge Left Robert Mueller Stunned Into Silence With This Head Turning Decision

US Navy's F-35 jet allegedly in serious trouble: report

WSJ: Housing crisis in california so bad its forcing companies to flee the state

Christchurch mosque attack: Kiwis lose jobs for sharing massacre video at work

Jim Rickards: A Recipe For Massive Government Spending

'WHO DID THIS?' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets starring role in the 'meme of the year ' so far' [pic]


 Editor's Picks



David Webb: CNN's petulant Jim Acosta has a predictable reaction to a reporter's valid questions for Trump

Gutfeld on the crushing of ISIS

Trump's campus free speech Executive Order protects all students ' it's intellectual freedom vs social tyranny

March Madness is here, and it's time for gamblers to start paying taxes on their winnings

Trump support of Golan Heights sovereignty and Netanyahu visit continue US special relationship with Israel

Blankenship Is Right: Sue the Mainstream Media Out of Existence

Ten Years after Climategate, the Global Warming Fraud Is on Life Support

The Left's New Favorite Multisyllable Buzzword: Intersectionality

The Corruption of Science and Economics and the Green New Deal

Gavin Newsom Doesn't Care about Crime Victims


ICE releasing 1,000 illegal immigrant family members a day

Trump tells universities to stop 'intimidation, pressure and abuse' of conservatives on campus or have their federal funding cut

Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Mollie Tibbetts Granted $3.2K in Taxpayer Money for Expert Witness

Nets Skip Trump Executive Order to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses

'The Good Fight:' Conservative Candidate Linked to Trump Compared to Goebbels

Older Doc Lectured on Genderqueer Pronouns: 'It's Not That Complicated!' on Grey's Anatomy

In New Book, Jenny McCarthy Rips Barbara Walters as 'Mommie Dearest'

Nets Decry Trump Recognizing Golan Heights as Israel, Brush-Off Six-Day War

WATCH: Hundreds Link Arms to Symbolically Guard New Zealand Mosque During Friday Prayers

Trevor Noah Jokes About Warren's Reparations Motive: 'There's Something I Didn't Tell You About My Ancestry'

Mark Levin Visits Hannity, Goes Off Over 2020 Democrat Hopefuls: 'This is a Sick Party! These are Sick People!'

Trump Reportedly Considering CNN Contributor Stephen Moore For Federal Reserve Board Seat

Eric Bolling Films Confrontation With Man Who Smeared His Late Son

Pompeo: We are committed to helping Venezuela

Democrats push for assault weapons ban following New Zealand terror attack

Levin: Democrats are 'very good' at destroying the Constitution

Hannity: I have a special message for Jim Comey

Bongino reacts to CNN delaying report on MAGA teen's lawsuit

Tucker: Did the president betray his country?

Joe Biden considering Stacey Abrams as 2020 running mate

Gowdy: DOJ has had a bad 3 years, but it's not Trump's fault

Theresa May gives news conference after delaying Brexit

Olivia Jade says parents ruined her influencer career: Report


 Business News



Investor: The US and China will reach a deal, then markets will jump 15%

Indonesian airline Garuda is canceling its order for 49 Boeing 737 Max jets

China's slowdown is 'self-inflicted,' not caused by Trump's tariffs: Leading economist

The Fed is 'not yet done' with rate hikes, according to SP Global Ratings

As Brexit remains in limbo, Yale's Stephen Roach says the 'imperfect' EU may not survive

Cramer Remix: Levi's stock is too rich to buy after its high-flying IPO

CVS Health CEO on reducing costs: Billions in value opportunity is 'in front of us'

Cramer: Investors need a new playbook now that the Fed ended rate hikes this year

Lyft to investors: We'll get to 20 percent margins...someday

Levi Strauss shares soar after company's second IPO ' four experts react

Bet on higher bond prices after Fed's dovish coo, technician says

Boeing's 737 Max could single-handedly hit US GDP if production is halted, JP Morgan says

Leonardo DiCaprio is investing in this greener way to save and spend

Heading south for retirement? Here are the top 10 cities where you should spend your golden years

Powerball jackpot jumps to $625 million. Here's the tax bite if you win

Fed holds rates steady; here's what that means for your wallet

Medicare won't cover this key expense, and it's eating into retirees' wallets

These people won't have their taxes ready by April 15

Baby boomers, heavily invested in stocks, are putting retirement savings at risk: study

Asia Markets: Asian markets mixed as investors process Fed's outlook

Tesla revives popular customer-referral program

The Wall Street Journal: MoviePass owner names interim CFO

The Moneyist: I bought a house for my son, but now his wife is divorcing him and wants half of it

10 tips for getting accepted into college if you don't have wealthy parents

The physical and financial costs of school sports ' and the potential lucrative rewards

The Moneyist: My brother borrowed $50,000 from my dad and never paid it back ' what can we do?

Boeing to mandate safety feature in MAX software upgrade: sources

Apple's iPhone struggles unravel ambitions of Japan Display

Eisai starts phase 3 trials for second Alzheimer's drug after first's failure

Hyundai shareholders inflict big defeat on U.S. fund Elliott in proxy vote

U.S. corporate breakups could be catalyst to change Dow index

UPS eyes in-home health services with U.S. vaccine project

China's auto, internet giants set up 9.76 billion yuan fund to invest in ride-sharing industry


President Trump


AOC, Clinton mock private email server critics after Kushner chat app revelations

Republicans resigned to Trump losing 2020 popular vote but confident about Electoral College

Biden's Obama-style trade record puts him to the Right of Trump

Restoring the balance of powers

Trump tries to explain but takes more shots at McCain

The only thing Trump's executive order protects is government red tape

Years later, Trump dossier still frustrates verification efforts

Comey: I don't want Mueller to prove Trump is a criminal

McCain adviser did thank Trump for funeral, contrary to president's gripe

Trump says universities 'increasingly hostile' to First Amendment

Pompeo says it's 'possible' God planned Trump to save Jewish people

Trump reelection campaign shifted $1.3 million of donor money into his businesses: analysis

Trump taps Michael Kratsios to be administration's first chief technology officer

Ex-senator challenges Trump to get X-rays proving he had bone spurs during Vietnam draft

Trump denies trying to help Netanyahu reelection with Golan Heights decision

Trump keeps up attacks on 'horrible' McCain, despite calls from GOP, veterans

Cummings says Ivanka Trump not preserving all official communications

Trump signs executive order on campus free speech

Trump approves Nebraska disaster declaration

737 crisis tests Boeing's clout in Washington

Kushner accused of using WhatsApp, personal email to conduct official business: report

Trump: 'It is time' to recognize Israeli control of Golan Heights

Pentagon sends B-52 bombers to Europe for exercises amid tensions with Russia

Jared Kushner's brother made last-minute donation to Beto O'Rourke Senate campaign

Kellyanne Conway says Trump attacks her husband because president 'is protective of me'

Pompeo bemoans anti-Semitic language 'even in the great halls of our own Capitol'


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