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In Thanksgiving message, Trump hails military gains and 'big, beautiful, fat tax cuts'

Michael Flynn lawyers cut ties with Trump legal team, report says

New Manafort travel docs reveal closer ties to Russia: report

Despite 'blue laws,' customers line up for Black Friday deals

GOP committees, Moore remain at odds as Alabama election nears

Congressional Russia probes likely to head into 2018

Al Franken apologizes again, signals he'll fight to stay in the Senate

Trump promises another try on Obamacare repeal after tax cuts

Celebrities urge Ivanka Trump to support the DREAM Act

Bill, Hillary Clinton send no Thanksgiving messages on Twitter

Mike Flynn might be cooperating with special counsel: Report

Thanksgiving Update: Mitch McConnell Losing the War Against Republican Base

Poll: Roy Moore Opens Up Seven-Point Lead over Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama Senate Race

Environmentalists on Thanksgiving: Consider Turkey's 'Carbon Footprint,' Eat Less Meat

Bernie Sanders Mixes Thanksgiving and Politics With Holiday Message Attacking GOP

Report: Michael Flynn May Be Cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

How the Civil War Gave Us Today's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in a World That Seems on the Verge of Collapse

What It's Like to Be the Only Trump Fan at Thanksgiving

Thankfully Recommitting to Resistance

GOP Tax Plan Is Right to Kill Individual Mandate

Actress Allison Williams: 'My Dad Would Have Voted for Obama a Third Time'

Politico: 'How Donald Trump Ruined Thanksgiving'

'The Star' Review: Faith-Based Fun for the Whole Family

Liberal Pundit: Republicans See Government as a 'Tool of Vengeance'

Alt-Left Insanity: We Should Have Let Pilgrims 'Freeze to Death'

People are suffering from FOTO fear of throwing things out

Has Flynn FLIPPED? Ex-aide cuts all legal ties with Trump

Ball's feud with Trump pays off as brand sees $13M jump

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LA Hottest Since 1877...

90¬į In Bay Area...

Homeless Numbers Not Seen Since Great Depression...

UPDATE: Quake Swarm Beneath San Andreas Making Scientists Nervous...


STUDY: Being Alone Good For Mental Health, Sparks Creativity...

Humans evolved to fall in love?

The science of procrastination...

Baltimore cop killed day before testimony in police corruption case...

My life with a sex robot...

LA KINGS mascot accused of groping...

Capitol Police Investigating Nude Leak From Republican Congressman...

Priest blasts Church for lack of training in exorcisms...

No safeguarding from evil spirits...

Inmate dies after meth-laden kiss...

Dolly the cloned sheep was not old before her time...

Thiel to buy GAWKER's remains!?

Merkel TANKS in polls: Chancellor ratings slump as German anger grows...

Path to Fourth Term as Resistance Dwindles?

China unveils 19,030mph HYPERSONIC scattergun nuke to strike 'ANYWHERE in world'...

Iran Sends Warships to Gulf of Mexico...

Clown charged with molesting women at holiday haunted house...

TESLA Delivers World's Biggest Battery...

Flying car with VERTICAL TAKEOFF, 210mph speed...

Global firms accused of importing timber linked to Amazon massacre...

Immigration protest blocks MACY'S parade...

Police go all-out to secure...

Pre-dawn waits for door busters diminish...

AMAZON With Pumpkin Pie? Shopping Starts on Phone After Dinner...

E-commerce sales up 18%...

Vegas shooter had 4,000 unused rounds in hotel suite...

PAPER: APPLE offices raided in SKorea...

Seattle tax on the wealthy is illegal, judge rules...

MIND MANIPULATION: Brain zap changes music taste...

GRETA VAN FLEET is big, heavy, and for real...

Eminem 'Extremely Angry' Trump Ignores Him...

Strong is the new skinny: Rise of female bodybuilders...

CLAIM: Frying food altering weather...



Rising political star obscured by accusations...

VICE employees bracing for new stories...

Pressure mounts to unmask Capitol Hill harassers...

Conyers Attorney Hints At 'Allegations' Against 'Many Members' Of Congress...

Wave of Hollywood sex assault claims sends LAPD into uncharted territory...

Beverly Hills investigating 12 allegations...

'Entitled' Beverly Hills parents drive kids' soccer ref to quit: 'I despise you'...

Birthday Cake Fight Ends With Fatal Stabbing...

BUDWEISER to brew on Mars...


'Back To The Future' Flying Car with VERTICAL TAKEOFF, 210mph Airborne Speed Ready by 2020

Islamic State Beheads 15 of Its Own Fighters: Afghan Official

Anti-Trump Immigration Policy Protest Briefly Blocks Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Route

Judicial Watch Sues State Dept for Podesta Group Records

Ford, Others Introducing Superhuman Exosuits to Production Floor

David Icke exposes EU conspiracy - and is immediately proved right by secret government document

Making Sense of the Middle East - James Corbett on Declare Your Independence

END TIMES SIGNS Something is Going On Jason A Mr Doom Past 5 Days 2017 - 2018

What is COMING? Mysterious Booms Across the USA

Was Bitcoin Created by A.I. !?

President Trump's Thanksgiving Day Message

How Corporations cooperate with US Government

Cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran intensified, UN warns of 'serious consequences'

What the Media Won't Tell You About Iran

Mysterious Booms Heard Around The U.S. Are Leaving Experts Baffled

Shocking Evidence that Nobody's Talking About!

The Scary Truth about America...

Boston Dynamics: The Coming Robot Revolution - Marc Raibert



Robert David Steele Interview

The American Dream Is Dead

John McAfee The banks and governments fear Bitcoin, Security Issues Are Imminent

Future of Earth Year 2030 in Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson Dr Ray Kurzweil POV. Documentary 2017

Desperate Soros bots attacking Mike Cernovich's family after Conyers story breaks

Coast To Coast AM - November 22, 2017 JFK Special XIV

Coast To Coast AM - November 21, 2017 UFOs JFK with Linda Moulton Howe

Voices in the Wilderness, Real Bigfoot Audio Evidence with Ron Morehead

UFO Radio - The Intersection of UFOs, Alien Abduction and Life After Death

Coast To Coast AM - November 20, 2017 The CIA, Mystical Healing Clairvoyance

Native Americans marking Thanksgiving with day of mourning

Police: MS-13 Members Maimed, Decapitated Man in Maryland Park


VA study shows parasite from Vietnam may be killing vets

Japanese mother dumped four of her babies in buckets filled with CONCRETE and kept them in her apartment for two decades

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As Americans Eat Turkey, Mainstream Media Quietly Admits US Gov't Planned False Flags to Start WW3

American prisoners of war who refused to return to America at the end of the Korean War, 1960s

'This is FAKE NEWS'EU's Verhofstadt furious as he's linked to tax-dodging papers

Merkel TANKS in the polls: Chancellor ratings slump as German anger grows

LOU DOBBS | MS-13 victim was stabbed 100 times, decapitated, had heart ripped out, police say


The world epidemic of sleep disorders is linked to vitamin D deficiency.

'You sons of b*****s!'Relatives of crew aboard missing Argentine submarine react with fury as navy confirms an explosion was recorded LAST WEEK when it vanished

Privacy Nightmare: Online Retailers Must Report Vermont Purchases To Government

Ben Stein: Hollywood tries to shut down free debate

Hilarious!.. Hannity With An ALL NEW FBI Investigation Into DEMOCRAT CAMPAIGN RIGGING

Eyewitness spotted multiple gunmen shooting 'on the ground' just outside the Route 91 venue ten minutes before massacre

No more 'fighting ISIS?' US to stay in Syria to prevent 'win' for Assad and Iran

Did the US allow ISIS to escape to keep the fighting going?

Now Hillary blames Obama for 2016 election loss

Shoppers Camp Out In Front Of BEST BUY For Days To Save On New TV... Cops Going Undercover At Stores On Black Friday

Did The Putin/Assad Meeting Cement The End Of America's Mid-East Dominance?

PIERS MORGAN: For God's sake let boys be boys, and girls be girls, and stop this charge to turn them all into 'non-binary, gender fluid creatures of indeterminate sexuality'

Two More Women Accuse Sen. Al Franken Of Inappropriate Touching

Rep. Joe Barton Threatened To Report A Woman To Capitol Police If She Shared His Sexts And Lurid Photos


Thunderstorms Observed Triggering Nuclear Reactions in The Sky

Bad news for Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Vice, leaders of hipster media

UK officially falls out of world's top five economies'

'Family Values' Senator pleads guilty to child sex trafficking, facing life in prison

$52 million worth of mismanagement in NYC's adult-education office

Hearings prove de Blasio's monuments commission to be a pointless farce

Russia has earned a 2018 Olympic ban

What city singles should be thankful for this holiday

Wince or laugh at another year of American absurdity

Thanksgiving: The presidential tradition from Washington to Trump

Manson killers should stay locked up, the real First Thanksgiving &other comments

De Blasio's NYC: Lies stacked on top of lies

Sex, lies &excuses: Partisan madness on predators

John Kerry's Mideast idiocy

How the Civil War Gave Us Today's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in a World That Seems on the Verge of Collapse

What It's Like to Be the Only Trump Fan at Thanksgiving

Thankfully Recommitting to Resistance

GOP Tax Plan Is Right to Kill Individual Mandate

GOP Doesn't Get Americans Depend on Obamacare

Dems Face Important Test in Franken. They've Failed It Before

Endorsing Roy Moore Is the Trumpiest Decision Ever

Fusion GPS Paid Journalists, Court Papers Confirm

How the Kremlin Directed Trump-Clinton News Coverage

LeVar Ball Is Satirizing Identity Politics (whether He Knows It or Not)

Go Bigly All the Way to the White House

Lock Up Lois Lerner

The Noble Poor

The First Thanksgiving


Charles Manson Funeral Drive Shut Down By GoFundMe

Tristan Thompson and PARTYNEXTDOOR Turn Up The Club After Cavs Win

91st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Features Jimmy Fallon, Gwen Stefani, Pikachu The Men in Blue!

Post Malone Says He Was Not Dissing Hip-Hop

Lady Gaga Shops for Thanksgiving at Kroger in West Virginia

Ohio State FB Honor Terry Glenn with Helmet Decal Against Michigan

Charles Manson Gets GoFundMe Account for Funeral and Burial Expenses

Serena Williams Says Check Out My Baby, and My Ring!!!

Miley Cyrus Says She's Not Pregnant, It's Just a Food Baby

Celeb Convicts Meek Mill, El Chapo, Bobby Shmurda Will Eat This for Thanksgiving

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Go Urban

Nigel Lythgoe Says 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' Now Out the Window

Faith Evans Disgusted with Auctioning Tupac's Junk Pics and Biggie's Car Door

Byron Scott to LaVar Ball: Shut Up! Luke Walton Knows More Than You

Master P To LaVar Ball: Thank Trump, God Would Like It

David Cassidy's Former Fort Lauderdale House For Rent

Josh Gordon Gets Props From Ex-Teammate: He's Turning Things Around!!

NBA Players Getting Stuffed ... Dig In!

Casper Smart is Dating New Chick Who Rivals J Lo

Kobe Bryant's Name 'Keeps Coming Up' for 'Dancing with the Stars,' Says Derek Fisher



How Tim Hardaway Jr. is justifying his huge contract

Two key young players are missing again for the Giants

Last season's Knicks feel-good story is still waiting for an encore

Have Giants found any keepers in wide receiver emergency?

St. John's proves how much has changed with comeback victory

St. John's proves it's a new team with stunning rally

Vikings put stranglehold on NFC North with win over Lions

Rangers will let Filip Chytil go, but not for long

Verne Lundquist a 'little envious,'a lot happy as Iron Bowl goes on without him

How Tim Hardaway Jr.'s Hawks exit unfolded from Knicks perspective

Sterling Shepard and Eli Apple out for Giants' Thanksgiving game

Athletes accused of sexual harassment or assault

Robinho denies sexual assault following nine-year jail sentence

Vikings hold off Lions for 30-23 victory on Thanksgiving

Brendan Smith showing why Rangers gave him a 4-year deal

Vikings do Thanksgiving touchdown celebration against Lions

Hardaway Jr. and Lee thriving on court as Knicks next face Hawks

The insane untapped potential of Giants backup QB Geno Smith

10 things Giants fans have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Jets will ultimately pay a steep price for McCown's success

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Fox News

Rep. Tom Reed: We will get tax relief in 2017

Woman raises thousands for homeless man who helped her

Search continues for missing sailors after Navy plane crash

Police to investigate release of explicit Rep. Barton photo

Florida nursing home deaths ruled as homicides


Move could indicate that Trump's former adviser is 'cooperating with prosecutors,' New York Times reports

Michael Flynn in less than two minutes

By the numbers: The Trump orbit's contacts with Russians

The Mueller investigation: Who could be next?

Senate judiciary committee requests more information on Kushner


State and local governments taking the...

Congress'to-do list to pass GOP tax reform

The politics of misconduct

How will GOP's new tax plan impact stock...

U.S. Afghanistan general: We've reached...

Monumental Americans: Sarah Josepha Hale

Monumental Americans: Hedy Lamarr


ABC News

What's on the menu for Trump's Thanksgiving dinner

How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey and other last-minute tips and recipes

Expert tips for navigating Thanksgiving dinner conversation

Congressional Russia probes likely to head into 2018

Dreamers stage protest during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

CBS News

Shoppers hit the stores and sign on early to score Black Friday deals

Trump visits service members on Thanksgiving, and reignites Twitter feud

Balloon pops at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

New details revealed about N. Korean's daring defection

Sheriff reveals more details about shots fired by Vegas gunman


Asian shares off 10-year peak, eyes on China markets

New Zealand trade deficit narrows despite imports at record high

Syria opposition meeting in Riyadh sees no role for Assad in transition

Papua New Guinean police return to evict asylum-seekers from Australian-run camp

Japan November manufacturing activity grows at fastest pace in over three years: flash PMI


Washington Post

Woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Greg Abbott. The Texas governor opened his.

On Thanksgiving, Trump praises troops: 'We're really winning'

Donald Trump Jr. headlining fundraiser in Kansas for a leader of his father's voter fraud commission

Why do U.S. presidents pardon turkeys anyway?

Trump offers support for Roy Moore in Alabama's Senate race despite misconduct allegations

Washington Times

Inside the Beltway: Voters: Sexual harassment worst in Hollywood, D.C.

Republican retirements give Democrats hope for election wave

Man freed decades after double killing that rocked LA suburb

Michael Flynn legal team no longer shares info with Trump's attorneys

Al Franken groping charges affects Minnesota governor's race

Roll Call

Former Rep. Maurice Hinchey Dies at 79

Rep. Joe Barton Weighs Re-Election Following Graphic Photo

Podcast: Sexual Harassment in Congress ' More to Come

Capitol Ink | Taxsgiving Day

Virginia Democrats Wrestle Over Nomination Process


New York Times

Asia and Australia Edition: Rohingya, Argentina, Manus: Your Friday Briefing

A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller

Will a Corporate Tax Cut Lift Worker Pay? A Union Wants It in Writing.

Feature: The Voices in Blue America's Head

Ben Shapiro, a Provocative 'Gladiator,'Battles to Win Young Conservatives

New York Daily News

Billy Baldwin says Trump hit on his wife at Manhattan hotel

Maps provide window into secret Soviet plan for world domination

Charles Manson's grandson seeks 'another way'to bury cult leader

Woman raises $160,000 for homeless man who helped her

Anti-Trump policy protest briefly blocks Macy's parade route

New York Post

Al Franken says he 'crossed the line'while hugging women

Flynn lawyers cut ties with Trump legal team amid investigation

Russia blasts Trump for putting North Korea on terror list

Manson funeral fundraiser earns $1K 'then gets shut down

Activist ate expired food on 10-month transatlantic journey in a pedal boat


Real Clear Politics

How the Civil War Gave Us Today's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in a World That Seems on the Verge of Collapse

What It's Like to Be the Only Trump Fan at Thanksgiving

Thankfully Recommitting to Resistance

GOP Tax Plan Is Right to Kill Individual Mandate

GOP Doesn't Get Americans Depend on Obamacare

Washington Beacon

Inside the Ring: China Tested ICBM on Eve of Trump Visit

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cardozo School of Law Advertises Event on Anti-Semitism Featuring Speakers Condemned as Anti-Semites

Rand Paul's Wife Rips Media for 'Hateful' Reporting on Husband's Injuries

North Korean Soldier Escapes to South Korea With Several Gunshot Wounds


Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Considered for Historic Nomination

NYT: Flynn Cuts Possible Deal With Mueller in Russia Probe

Sen. Rand Paul, Wife Post Thanksgiving Video After Attack

Netanyahu Slams Deputy Minister's Digs at US Jewry: Too 'Comfortable' to Understand Israel

'Explosion' Heard Near Argentine Sub's Last Known Position: Navy