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Brutal Killer Richard Matt Pictured Dead in the Woods After He Was Gunned Down By Cops

A graphic photo of escaped upstate New York inmate Richard Matt's body shortly after he was killed has emerged and shows the grisly end of a three week search for the fugitive. Matt, who escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora on June 6, was shot in the head three times last Friday after he reportedly was ordered to put down a 20-gauge shotgun but didn't. No shotgun was seen in the picture after Matt's death.

Top Stories

Myanmar fisherman goes home after 22 years as a slave
TUAL, Indonesia (AP) -- All he did was ask to go home....

Cops walked right by me as I hid in a tree, and we practiced our escape by popping heads

Sweat: Cops walked right by me as I hid in a tree

Activists Plan to Burn American Flags in NYC

Activists Plan to Burn American Flags in NYC

Militants attack Egyptian army checkpoints in Sinai, kill 50

Markets rally on report Greece accepts creditor terms

Christie's New Hampshire marathon begins

Dutch researchers reveal the mystery of how lightning forms

Michelle Obama hosts Girl Scout campout on White House lawn

Baby-faced boys turned hellraisers: The Rolling Stones pictured never seen before

Man Shot at By 64-Year-Old Woman for Picking the 'Perfect-Looking Mango'

Christopher Columbus Statue Tagged With 'Black Lives Matter!'Graffiti

The Last Seconds of an Ultramarathon Were Among the Most Exciting ' Watch This Video to See Why

iPhone Gun Case Could Cause a Shooting, Police Warn

Pregnant Mom and 6-Year-Old Daughter Dance to 'Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)'

Jimmy Carter: President Obama's Foreign Policy Accomplishments 'Have Been Minimal'

George Pataki Perplexed by de Blasio's Attack on Cuomo

CNN Poll: Bush, Trump Rising Nationally for GOP

Quinnipiac: Trump, Carson Gaining on Walker in Iowa

Special Report

Latest Church Fire Does Not Appear Criminal, Sources Say
The latest church fire in South Carolina does not appear to be a criminal act, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

Texas Clinics Turning Away Unvaccinated Children

Young Americans Shocked to Learn of Hillary’s Mansions

Tsipras Will Not Back Down On Referendum: Media Report

The Real Enemy Revealed

Cursing Out Police Is Perfectly Legal, But Cops Routinely Arrest People for It

Anti-Uber Strikes in France and the Specter of Capitalism That is Haunting Europe

Beware of Animal Diseases as Biological Weapons, Health Experts Say

World Gov't Central Banks Are Our Mortal Enemy

Universe's first stars left unique chemical signatures

Clarion Project Claims 42 Million Muslims Support ISIS

Black Lives Matter Vandals Target Columbus Statue

Report: IMF Orders US Tour Operators to Withhold Payments to Greek Hotels

Barack Obama Promises That Events In Greece And Puerto Rico Will Not Cause A Global Financial Crisis

Gay Activists Demand Churches Lose Their Tax Exempt Status' Already?!

Smacking must be banned to bring UK into line with international law 'report to UN insists

Brutal killer Richard Matt pictured dead in the woods after he was gunned down by cops when he refused to drop his gun

U.S. Citizens Sign Petition to Ban American Flag


Donald Trump on Twitter                         


Ten Commandments: Madness strikes in Oklahoma
Texas has a monument to the Ten Commandments at its State Capitol.











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Savage Nation



PAT ROBERTS: Ending Washington's mandate on Common Core

R. EMMETT TYRRELL: Supreme Court can't beat conservative surge

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot'

DONALD LAMBRO: Bernie Sanders' surge could threaten Hillary Clinton

ROBERT MERRY: Millennials undermining marriage for years

ALLEN WEST, JACOB KOHLHEPP: Rand Paul's 'fair and flat' tax proposal

CLIFFORD MAY: Palestinians and an Israeli discuss the West Bank

CHRISTINE HARBIN HANSON: Shutter the Ex-Im Bank--for good

PETER SCHAUMBER: For the NLRB, unionization is the end that justifies any means

BRIAN WALSH: Religious freedom after the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision

RICHARD RAHN: How many more Greek tragedies?

ED ROYCE: Iran is North Korea, all over again

WESLEY PRUDEN: Slippery slope of Supreme Court gay marriage decision

MARK DAVIS: The Education Department's Rolling Stone reckoning

CAL THOMAS: Same-sex marriage is only the beginning

After Donald Trump's derogatory comments about immigrants, NBC has officially canceled "Celebrity Apprentice." Donald Trump isn't even president yet and he's already made America a better place.


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

E-Mail: Former NYT Reporter Promised Hillary a Puff Piece With Veto Power Over Content

Chris Hayes Bemoans 'Morally Monstrous' European Banks for Grinding 'Greece into Misery'

Networks Ignore Oklahoma Court Calling for Removal of Ten Commandments Statue

Bozell Graham Column: The Media, The Court, and the Slippery Sex Slope

Trump Sues Univision; Most Media Skip Scabrous Trump-Roof Picture from Univision Exec

Networks: Bridgegate 'Fed' Chris Christie's 'Image as a Bully'; Faces 'a Long Road Ahead'

CNN's Toobin: Scalia 'Unprecedented in His Vitriol,'Shows 'Abuse and Contempt for His Colleagues'

Chris Matthews Repeats Distortion of Jindal's Comments Re: SCOTUS

Media Matters staff: O'Reilly Gives Donald Trump A Platform To Continue Calling Latin American Immigrants Rapists And Criminals

Craig Harrington: "Greece On Steroids": Fox's Cavuto Attacks New Overtime Rules That Will Help Millions Of Workers

Timothy Johnson: Associated Press Leaves Out Racism Controversy While Reporting On Meeting Between Rand Paul And Cliven Bundy

Denise Robbins: Conservatives Celebrate "Huge Victory" As SCOTUS Rules Against Life-Saving Pollution Safeguards

Alex Kaplan: Fox News Ignores, Then Downplays Wash. Post Report On Jeb Bush's Dubious Business Dealings

Nicholas Rogers Katie Sullivan: Media Silent On Exposéof Bush's Questionable Business Deals

Alexandrea Boguhn: What The Media Should Know About July 1st's Rollback Of Abortion Access In Florida And Tennessee

Hot Videos

Newspaper Row

Woman's parking citation tossed because of missing comma
Punctuation matters: Ohio woman gets parking citation tossed because law was missing comma

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Washington Post

The Fix: Donald Trump is in second place! Reminder: He's been there before.

The Fix: Grateful Dead fans: Surprisingly Republican

The Fix: Jimmy Kimmel tries to guess whether people are a same-sex couple or just friends

A human opera takes the stage

The Fix: Long after McCain, GOP candidates vie to ride the Straight Talk Express

The Fix: The trippy alliance between Harry Reid and Burning Man

Rand Paul raises money with the marijuana industry

A glimpse at Hillary Clinton's e-mails, from celebrities to politicians

Jim Webb says he'll share his decision on a presidential run in few days

Wall Street Journal

Jeb Bush Releases 33 Years of Tax Returns

Companies, Business Groups Blast Overtime Proposal

U.S. to Open Havana Embassy

Trade Bank Finds Lopsided Liberal Support

A Left-Leaning But Restrained Court Term

Christie Launches White House Bid

Supreme Court to Re-Examine Arizona Voting-Map Panel

More Clinton Emails Being Released

Supreme Court to Weigh Public-Sector Union Fees

CIA Launches New Effort to Diversify Workforce

Washington Times

Russia vulnerable to nuclear attack; new satellite system delayed until November

Greece makes concession but no deal seen before Sunday vote

Militants attack Egyptian army checkpoints in Sinai, kill 30

News briefs from around Kentucky at 1:58 a.m. EDT

Bradley University center signs Canadian deal

Indonesia plane crash death toll rises to 141 as search effort ends

Uber hits speedbumps abroad as regulators, taxi drivers turn hostile

Obama threatens to 'walk away' from Iran nuclear deal as deadline passes

Anti-American sentiment surges in Russia -- and the feeling is mutual

LA Times

Supreme Court to hear California teacher's suit -- a 'life or death' case for unions

Border Patrol needs to crack down on internal corruption, report says

Another black church burns after NAACP warns about suspected arson attacks

Sleepy Hollow fire 'devastating and heartbreaking all at once'

More of Hillary Clinton's emails say little about State Department tenure

Jeb Bush has made most of his millions from speaking, consulting fees, tax returns show

19 bells mark 19 lost lives as Arizona remembers Granite Mountain hotshots

Police response to Ferguson protests, in a word, failed, federal draft report says

NY Times

Your Wednesday Briefing

City Room: New York Today: Summer Lovin'

Black Church in South Carolina Is Latest to Burn in South

Gazprom Halts Natural Gas Deliveries to Ukraine

Iran's President to Meet With Top U.N. Nuclear Official

Tsipras Signals Greece May Accept Bailout Terms

First Draft: Today in Politics: Clinton Trove Shows Fax Machine Confusion, but Little Fodder for Opponents

Russia Halts Gas Supply to Ukraine Amid Pricing Dispute

USA Today

Greek crisis deepens as loan repayment deadline passes

Obama, Cuba announce embassy openings

U.N. chief weapons inspector visits Iran to talk nukes

Stocks surge on report Greece is ready to accept demands

Sugary drinks more deadly than violent crime in Mexico

London Heathrow best option for new runway

Militants attack Egyptian soldiers, kill at least 50

Russia's highest court OKs early 2016 parliamentary vote

NY Post

17K watch 'Back to the Future'anniversary screening

Girl Scouts spend night on White House lawn with the Obamas

James Carpenter is secret key to success of Jets offense

G-Unit rapper arrested for allegedly choking girlfriend

Sherri Shepherd to pay $4K monthly for baby born via surrogate

Teenage girls flip cops the bird in high-speed chase

Fisherman goes home after 22 years as a slave

Rolling Stones exhibition to open at London gallery

NY Daily News

U.S., Cuba reach agreement to open embassies

Myanmar fisherman goes home after 22 years as a slave

Graphic photo shows Richard Matt's body

Greece defaults on $1.8B payment, banks reopen to long lines

NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade chairman John Dunleavy ousted

9 senior citizens shot in robbery at South African mall

Ex-senior News of the World editor cleared of phone hacking

SEE IT: UK firemen defend cow's honor against amorous bulls

Daily Mail

Dutch researchers reveal the mystery of how lightning forms

Michelle Obama hosts Girl Scout campout on White House lawn

Baby-faced boys turned hellraisers: The Rolling Stones pictured never seen before

Girl's break-up text to boyfriend after he cheated on her goes viral on Twitter

Anxious? Try doing a good deed: Acts of kindness makes us feel more comfortable meeting others

David Sweat's mother blames Clinton prison staff for son's escape

Mexican mayor Joel Vazquez Rojas marries ALLIGATOR believed to be a princess

Hot Stuff

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Have Been In Couples Therapy For Years ... And They Didn't Have A Prenup!
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner finally confirmed what we all knew yesterday -- that they were divorcing after ten years of marriage -- and now new details have emerged about...

Hot Pics of the Day

Kendra Wilson, Channing Tatum, Catherine Zeta Jones and Chris Pratt all share an early career move: they stripped.

NBA's Anthony Davis -- $145 MILLION Steak Dinner ... With Alvin Gentry

G-Unit Rapper Kidd Kidd Arrested -- Cops Hunt Him Down at Concert

Ricky Bell -- Bobby Brown's At His Breaking Point

Jennifer Garner -- 'Fed Up' with Ben's Gambling, Drinking

Sherri Shepherd -- Settles Divorce ... Rolls Over on Child Support, Sorta

Carlos Slim -- Mexican Billionaire Says 'No Gracias' To 'Apprentice'

Lil Wayne -- My 15 Minutes of Fame Will Cost Clubs a Fortune

Caitlyn Jenner -- Check Me Out on Broadway!!! (PHOTO + VIDEO)

Too Short -- I Got Just What the Pot Lady Needs ... A New Wheelchair

B2K Singer Lil' Fizz: 'Memba Him?!

Draya Michele -- Jerry Jones Will Get Wedding Invite, If ...

UFC's Paige VanZant -- Basically Confirms She's Dating UFC Star

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner -- No Prenup, No Money Problems

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Getting Divorced

NHL's Mike Richards -- NHL Notified About Oxycodone Drama ... At Canadian Border

10 Reasons Why Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Were Doomed

Are You REALLY Ready For A Relationship? Find Out!

The MUST KNOW Tips To Boost Your Self-Esteem And Success

Money Can't Buy Happiness ' But Success Can

8 Times Your Best Friend *MUST* Come Before Your Boyfriend

More News
Fox News

Defiant ISIS kills 50 in Egypt in wake of president's crackdown

OPEN SECRET Emails: Obama staff knew of private Clinton account

LESSON LEARNED? Report: Ill. teacher fired for stepping on American flag

MIRACULOUS RESCUE Woman survived on pond water for days after crash

FROM COURT TO PEWS Churches remain divided over gay marriage ruling


'I Want You' to Bid on These Iconic WWI Posters

Jim Carrey Brands Governor 'Fascist' Over Vaccine Law

White House Just Made Big Change to Tours

Who is Sam? Woman with Amnesia Searching for Identity

Black Church, Once Burned by KKK, Goes Up in Flames Again


Macy's dumps Donald Trump

Prison escapees broke out twice

Photos: How the manhunt ended

ISIS kills 20 soldiers in Egypt

U.S. reaches World Cup final

U.S., Cuba to reopen embassies

Another black church in flames

Right Scoop

Gay man claimed attackers carved gay slur into his arm, now admits it was all a HOAX

Probate judges REFUSING to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Ann Coulter and Geraldo battle over Trump's illegal immigration comments

Baltimore police commanders ADMIT they ordered officers NOT TO ENGAGE

YES!! Liberal gun-grabbing creepy nutcase Jim Carrey is ANTI-VACCINES!!

VIDEO: Young Americans say THIS ONE FACT changed their minds AGAINST Hillary

One America News

After Hungary's fence plan, Serbia says to step up migrant controls

Toyota's top female executive steps down after arrest in Japan

Hasbro, Lions Gate to roll dice with Monopoly movie

Islamic State weaves web of support in Gulf Arab states

Greece offers conditional okay to bailout, Germany skeptical

U.S. private payrolls rise solidly; factory activity picks up

Fifty killed in North Sinai attacks claimed by Islamic State

ABC News

Latest Church Fire Does Not Appear Criminal, Sources Say

Escapee Says He Was Almost Caught Twice, Practiced Escape

Man Gives Wife Second Wedding After She Lost Her Memory

Militants Attack Egyptian Army Checkpoints in Sinai, Kill 50

State Department Releases Nearly 2,000 Clinton Emails

Man 'Started Punching' Shark When It Chomped Down

Drivers Sue Over Thousands in Unpaid Tolls

Afghan Soldier Who Fled US Training Site Granted Asylum

Weekly Standard

Hillary to Podesta: 'Please Wear Socks to Bed'

Hillary Struggled With Fax Machine

Dozens of Hillary Emails Classified

Lew: Keep Greece in Eurozone

Video: Christie Announces Presidential Run

A Tragic Hero

The Iran Deal, Then and Now

Max Unillustrated

Screen Tests

The Hill

GOP should thank Supreme Court for gay marriage decision

Racism in America and the fight between human spirit and human nature

The Supreme Court's other big decision on marriage

SCOTUS says EPA must now consider costs. Are benefits next?

Republicans are in retreat

Is there a booby trap in Roberts's ObamaCare decision?

Sanders calls for single-payer healthcare

The death penalty for Miss Pennsylvania?

World Net Daily

Court to Oklahoma: Tear down 10 Commandments

Rubio to Obama: 'Walk away'from Iran talks

School district OKs mandatory LGBT class for 7th-graders

Glenn Beck slams Disney on Cinderella's rainbow castle

State Department releases 3,000 Hillary emails

Study: Now even fireworks are bad for you

How segregated is your state?

Flag-burners 'driven by racism and hate'


Jeb's wealth to riches story

Obama pushes for-profit colleges to the brink

Leaked: What's in Obama's trade deal

New Clinton emails show expansive role of Sidney Blumenthal

Poll: Walker slipping in Iowa

Nancy Pelosi: Elizabeth Warren doesn't speak for the Democratic Party

McConnell: GOP out of legislative options to fight gay marriage

Greek PM accepts most of creditors' demands


Elegy for the Governator: 'Old, but not obsolete' Arnold takes on a killer app in the bewildering time-travel paradox of 'Terminator Genisys'

Good news for schlubs: Waiting can help people end up with more attractive partners

John Roberts is an evil genius: How he convinced liberal America that the Supreme Court is 'just right'

Larry Wilmore tears into Chris Christie's presidential announcement: He's 'the bully America has been waiting for'

Amy Schumer met with Jon Stewart to discuss 'Daily Show' offer: 'Them asking me like made me cry'

Real Clear Politics

The Greek Crisis Is About More Than Money

Obama's Warning on Racial Injustice

Sorry Liberals, America Is Not Racist

Republicans'Rob Portman Predicament

Replacing Obamacare After King vs. Burwell

Gay Rights and the Moral Arc

Was I Wrong to Support Gay Marriage?

Why I'm Filing a Civil-Rights Lawsuit

Hot Air

Obama administration invokes executive privilege on Benghazi probe?

Axelrod knew nothing about that secret Hillary email server he was sending mail to

Obama to announce US, Cuba will open embassies this month

The new F-35 Lightning may be in trouble

Greek offer to end default crisis a day late and €€ short

Quotes of the day

Video: Yeah, it may be time to change the name of the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Marco Rubio: Why, yes, I do still support a path to citizenship for illegals


E-Mail: Former NYT Reporter Promised Hillary a Puff Piece With Veto Power Over Content

Chris Hayes Bemoans 'Morally Monstrous' European Banks for Grinding 'Greece into Misery'

Networks Ignore Oklahoma Court Calling for Removal of Ten Commandments Statue

Bozell Graham Column: The Media, The Court, and the Slippery Sex Slope

Trump Sues Univision; Most Media Skip Scabrous Trump-Roof Picture from Univision Exec

Networks: Bridgegate 'Fed' Chris Christie's 'Image as a Bully'; Faces 'a Long Road Ahead'

CNN's Toobin: Scalia 'Unprecedented in His Vitriol,'Shows 'Abuse and Contempt for His Colleagues'

Smoking Gun

Texan Pleads Guilty To Federal Hate Crime For "Knockout Game"Attack On 81-Year-Old Black Victim

There Is A Good Reason Why Jeb Bush Would Prefer To Talk About Your Aimless Kids

Teen Leads Mob In Ransacking Of Georgia Walmart

Cops: Mom Hit Daughter Who Flushed Her Pot

Girl, 13, Arrested For Vicious Videotaped Attack On Classmate, Young Boy

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Cops: Man Struck Girlfriend During Argument Over His Inability To Get An Erection

N.C. Man Corners Market On Confederate Flag

Canada Free Press

The icing on Obama's same sex wedding cake already melting

'Waze'for the sleep-deprived

Journalistic Treachery

Germany's Green Energy Transition May Be Running Out Of Money, Study Warns

Leaked letter indicates Greek socialists caving to creditor demands for reforms

No Truce With the Left

Marriage: Consent, Commitment, Consummation, and Communication!

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God

CTF Slams Senate Backscratching on Pensions Bill

The Ulsterman Report

South Carolina Racial Tensions Escalate Under Shadow Of Confederate Flag'(VIDEO)

American Citizens Happily Sign Petition To Abolish American Flag In Favor Of 'New World Order'Flag

BREAKING: America's Fifty-First State Goes Broke'

When A President Blatantly Lies About A Deceased Man's Legacy'

MONEY $AVER!!! Save 50% By Getting RACE WARS: Seasons 1 2

Defiant Trump Refuses To Apologize: 'I'm Fighting For The United States, NOT Mexico!'

Someone Please Explain To The President That Health Insurance Is NOT Health Care

Despite Potential Far-Left Backlash, Governor Scott Walker Expands Wisconsin Gun Rights


Israeli border troops, US Mid East forces on alert after massive ISIS assault on Egyptian forces in Sinai

Egyptian casualties rise to 60 in fierce fighting in Sinai

Iran nuclear talks in crisis as Obama threatens to walk away

Iran and powers take an extra week for a nuclear deal

One of four Israelis injured by terrorists Monday dies of wounds

Zarif returns to Vienna with top Iranian nuclear elite. Israel fears nuclear deal signing is imminent

Turkey and Jordan said preparing buffer zones inside Syria. Israeli air support mooted. Putin issues warning


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