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'Not a reality show': Obama takes opening shots at presumptive GOP nominee
President Obama, reacting to Donald Trump effectively wrapping up the Republican primary race earlier this week, took his opening shots Friday at the now-presumptive nominee ' urging tough scrutiny of the businessman's record and saying, 'This is not a reality show.'


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+160,000 jobs in April...

Fewest in 7 Months...

94,044,000 not participating...

BUT 25,460,000 Foreigners Working...

Economic growth slows sharply...

JCPenney taking emergency measures to stay afloat...




NOTHING COMPARES 2 SUE: Arsenio Hall Serves Sinead O'Connor Over PRINCE Drug Claims...

Witchcraft Grows in USA...

Man seeks restraining order against God...

Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange to Play Bette Davis-Joan Crawford 'BABY JANE'...

Dogs tend bar...

FLIGHT FROM HELL: Terrified passengers thrown from seats...

Robots run KFC...

Mysterious case of 'suicide village'...

Elderly man 'cooked alive' by building faulty heating system...

Blogger who claimed natural remedies cured her cancer admits: 'None of it is true'...


Less Than 1% Of Immigrants Who Overstayed Visas Deported...

'Godfather' Losing Chicago...


High School Gives Students Permission To Wear 'Dump Trump' Shirts...

Barry Diller says Trump is EVIL...

Woman Arrested for Staying Silent During Traffic Stop Sues

Khan Set To Be Next Mayor Of London

FCC investigated for leaks about cap on expansion of 'Obama phone'program to Internet

Obama: new tax rule will fight corruption, help economy

Since 2014 The US Has Added 450,000 Waiters And Bartenders, And No Manufacturing Workers

Washington Women Carrying Guns Up 62 Percent

Kerry jabs at Trump, warns against isolationism in Boston speech

West Virginia Coal Miner Confronts Crooked Hillary

Romney Will Not Back Trump, 'Dismayed' About Rise Of Populism

Pope slams 'weary'Europe for seeing migrants as criminals in hard-hitting speech

Donald Trump Is Right On US Debt -- Peter Schiff

Banksters Claim Right to Taxpayer Money

Economic Collapse -- Greeks Suffering from crippling Economic Measures

Signs of the End Times Part 2 - World Events May 2016

The Fall of Sweden | Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Molyneux

The Writing is on The Wall - President Trump Derails The NWO

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Trump vs. Clinton: the math the map


A Need To Clear Up Clinton Questions

Peter Schiff: Donald Trump Is Right On US Debt

UK Govt Wage Information Warfare In Support Of Moderate Syrian Rebels

Conditions in the Canadian province of Alberta remain extreme

Cops rarely punished when judges find testimony false, questionable

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Why Is It''' (not serious)

Went To See Sir Paul In Concert

2016 canadian census is out

Unproven Conspiracy Aside, What do you think of the current Establishments'

I challenge you to...

NTSB releases 2013 Kalaupapa crash report (re: Loretta Fuddy)

Anti-Establishment Media - Rise against the Slavers.

Brainwashed Nihilists Infest Critical Mass Cycle Rides

Strange hole in desert

Married to a government spy'

The two Jesuss Matthew 27:16-23

Religious Undergarments

Everyone is agnostic


Sons of light vs. the sons of darkness

Pyramids of Antartica: Ancient Aliens New Season

Midlands UK 1 AM 5/5/2016

The Physical Appearance of the Anunnaki.

My Experience, Alton, IL, 40+ years ago

Bright yellow dot in Kyalami sky

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Obama Knocks Trump During WH Presser: This Is a Serious Job. This is Not Entertainment (VIDEO)

Wow! Germany Offers Taxpayer Funded 'Flirt Workshops'for Migrant Men (VIDEO)

Hypocrite Obama Bars Illegal Alien Parents of Child Amnesty Activist from White House

How Ryan decided to ditch Trump

Majority of GOP insiders won't commit to Trump

Sanders poised for May win streak

Gowdy says administration slowing Benghazi probe

The Hill: Key States That Trump Must Win

Bobby Jindal: Would Be 'Great' If Trump Discloses Cabinet Plans

Hillary Clinton's Trump Ad Shows GOP All-Stars Bashing the Billionaire

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Ryan Not Backing Trump 'Big Mistake'

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TMZ Live: Michael Jackson: Attempted House Heist!

'American Idol' Finalist Killed In Car Crash

Justin Bieber Shoves Rapper Desiigner -- Minor Scrap Over VIP Feet (VIDEO)

NFL's Jevon Kearse -- Rookie's Mom Called Coach ... After $50k Rookie Dinner

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WWE's Eva Marie -- Jacket Holds On for Dear Life (VIDEO)

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Metta World Peace -- I'm Not Retiring Yet ... Wanna Come Back to Lakers (VIDEO)

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4 Heartbreaking Things People Battling Depression Can't Tell You

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Trump says he'll be meeting with Paul Ryan to sort things out.

Trump's tax plan: Lower rates and a simpler structure, but is it enough'


Frequent flyer miles don't add up to successful foreign policy

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'THE WRITER'Publication Update


Concern mounts over potential Turkish civil war following PM#39;s resignation

New tension between US, Iran over Tehran#39;s threat to block Hormuz Strait

Iran reconciles with Islamic Jihad: DEBKAfile sources

Exchanges of fire, IAF airstrikes continue in Gaza border area

'Tunnel war' heralds Hamas-IDF next clash

Exclusive Details of Second US-Russian Accord for Syria

US Fails to Muster Local Iraqi Forces to Fight ISIS


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