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Trump Confirms He Will Attend the Next Fox News Debate with Megyn Kelly on March 3rd



Crane Collapses in New York City, Killing 1

How Alleged 'Bonnie and Clyde' Crime Spree Unfolded

Benghazi committee Dems gave thousands in bonuses while blasting probe's cost

North Korea sending balloons filled with cigarette butts into South Korea

Why did MSNBC put Rachel Maddow on the debate stage?

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry: I Was Almost Killed by a Crazy Man Ranting About Nazi Germany! (Maybe)

Taiwan Hit with 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake

President Obama's Speech at Islamic Center of Baltimore: A Fact Check

Newsmax CEO: Give Jeb! a Second Look

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Tied in National Poll

Donald Trump's New Hampshire Lead Falls to 10% in Latest Poll

CNN Reporter Asks Barbara Bush for Her Thoughts on Trump ' and She Offers 'Very Strong'Response

MSNBC Asks College Women How They Felt About Hillary Clinton Playing Gender Card ' Anchors Were Surprised by the Answers

New Video Game Invites Players to Experience the Joys and Struggles of a Real-Life Family Battling Cancer

Obama: Low Gas Prices Are an Opportunity to Impose New Oil Tax

Twitter Suspends More Than 125,000 Accounts Linked to Terrorism

Loyal Dog Stays By His Friend's Side Through a Gunshot Wound and January Blizzard

GOP targets EPA in Flint probe

States fire back at EPA in Supreme Court climate case

PARSING THE POLLS: Trump leads N.H. big

State vows not to arm-twist Russia on Syria

Kasich flings snowballs at media in N.H.

Sununu sees N.H. voters breaking for Kasich, Rubio

New York Fire Department Chaplain Helps Bride Get to Wedding Following Crane Collapse


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Crane crashes in Manhattan...


Drone Hits Empire State Building...



Showdown in Europe over privacy has U.S. firms ducking for cover...


New Docs Throw Doubt on Rape Charges in Stockholm...

Fugitive anti-hero...

UK wants authority to serve warrants in USA...

Japan volcano erupts near nuclear power plant...

Taxi drivers see 'ghosts' after tsunami...

Postal Service leasing space from dead people...


Tech-stock wreck destroys $514B this year...

Chicago Stock Exchange Being Sold to Chinese...

Sluggish jobs report raises questions about direction of economy...

'Full employment?' Supposed to feel better than this...


U.S. exports fall for first time since recession...

Obama depicted as murderous devil in Moscow...

Special Report


Coldplay's Chris Martin jokingly bungles the name of Super Bowl 50 team

California doctor sentenced for prescribing exorbitant amounts of painkillers

Dublin hotel shooting leaves one dead during boxing weigh-in

Construction crane collapse in Manhattan kills David Wichs

Cop shooter took own life in bedroomof girlfriend's apt.

'Who's the mom?' Internet mystery may be solved

Woman confronts husband at her own funeral

Playboy model Katie May dead at 34

FDNY chaplain helps couple get hitched after crane collapse

Missouri 'Clyde' used 'Bonnie' as human shield in shootout

Woman injured in crane collapse recalls ducking for cover

BREAKING: Phyllis Schlafly Issues 15 Page 'Rubio Betrayal Memo'

MEGYN KELLY Lands BIG BOOK DEAL After Bashing Donald Trump in GOP Debate

Christie Warns New Hampshire It's First-in-the-Nation Primary State in Jeopardy If They Elect Wrong Candidate

Trump and Socialist Bernie Sanders Favored to Win New Hampshire by Sports Betting Site

German Spy Agency Admits ISIS Is Sending Fighters to Europe Disguised as Refugees

Obama Mocks Republicans, Says Immigrants Are Not Taking Paychecks=>Here's the Truth (Video)

FLASHBACK=>Media Said Reagan Was Dead After Skipping Debate, Losing Iowa to Bush in 1980

Trump Confirms He Will Attend the Next FOX News Debate with Megyn Kelly on March 3rd

Megyn Kelly Hopes Donald Trump Shows Up at Next Fox GOP Debate

Who's the Mom? The Internet Is Struggling to Decode This Viral Photo

'If aliens visit Earth, they'll take charge'

Trump - "Tell Them to Go F--K Themselves"

Highest EU Court Considers Criminalizing Website Hyperlinks

'Terror Has Arrived': Official Calls For San Bernardino Employees To Be Armed

Why Obama Won't Dare Indict Hillary

Insider Reveals How Trump Can Beat Hillary!

Police brutality plagues all races

Wrongful death suit alleges Big Island police brutality

The World Just Got Another Step Closer to Creating GMO Humans

Monsanto Sues California to Keep Round Up Off Carcinogen List

It's Not All in Your Head

10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna

Ron Paul: Cruz Not a Libertarian, He's Owned by Goldman Sachs

List of Withheld JFK Assassination Documents

Half a Million Fewer Native-Born Americans Had Jobs in January

Ted Cruz's Ties To Bush Family Revealed

Saudis 'Reduce' Man's Sentence from Beheading to 800 Lashes for Writing Love Poems

Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead: officials

Black Unemployment 8.8%, More Than Double White Unemployment, 4.3%

Open Source: Now Colin Powell Revealed to Send Secrets Over Personal Email

Oil market spiral threatens to prick global debt bubble, warns BIS

Poland's New Surveillance Law Is Latest Controversial Legislation Passed By Law And Justice Party


Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride to End

Sanders rallies take a darker turn

White House accuses GOP lawmakers of pulling a Trump

On abortion, Kasich is no moderate

O'Reilly to Trump: Quit swearing

When Bernie Met Hillary

Why Have NH Democrats Gone Gaga for Bernie Sanders?

The Real Shape of the Race

Republican Candidates Slash and Bash

Why Did MSNBC Put Rachel Maddow on the Debate Stage?

Jeb Bush Deserves a Second Look

Who Hates Obamacare?

Obamacare's Cadillac Tax Will Not Survive

The Implosion of the Democrats Has Just Begun

The Republican Party's Crump Cancer

Trump and the New Hampshire Ground Game

Ratings: MSNBC Democratic Debate Draws 4.5 Million Viewers Lowest This Cycle

Massachusetts Gov. Baker Endorses Christie

Poll: Faith That Trump Will Be Nominee Dropping

Pollsters May Face a Tougher Time in New Hampshire

Kasich: Nation's Economic Recovery 'Weakest Since World War II'

Key Rubio Backer: 'Marco Will Contest Michigan'

NBC/WSJ Poll: Sanders Beating Clinton By 20 Points in NH

Roberts: Partisan Extremism Affecting Public Perception of Supreme Court

Fox News

EMAIL FINGER-POINTING Hillary accused of using 'everybody did it' defense

FILTHY DROPPINGS N. Korea bombards South Korea with cigarette butts

SEA LION SEATING Video of sickly pup in restaurant goes viral

HOUSE 'HYPOCRISY'? Benghazi committee Dems gave thousands in bonuses while blasting probe's cost

'HELLO' HARASSMENT? College group says Adele's hit sends wrong message

Grassley raises concerns on prisons using terror-tied groups to vet Islamic chaplains - Exclusive photo shows ISIS leader's sister-in-law held in Kurdish prison

BREAKING NEWS: 6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwan, USGS reports

Louisville announces postseason ban for men's basketball

Arizona day care worker fired over social media post

Housing, jobs in high-tax Connecticut could take hit in wake of GE move

Colorado principal bans Peyton Manning jerseys, but Cam Newton gear OK

Benghazi committee Dems gave thousands in bonuses while blasting probe's cost

EPA slams states' request to Supreme Court to halt climate rule

Teen suicide epidemic? Recent deaths, 'significant' rise in stats worry experts

Gunmen attack boxing fans at Dublin hotel, killing 1 - VIDEO: Watch chaos erupt as gunmen storm boxing weigh-in




Johnny Manziel -- Ex-Girlfriend Colleen Crowley Gets Protective Order

Miley Cyrus -- Buys New Pad for Private Time with Liam (PHOTOS)

Titus Young -- Ex-NFL Star Arrested ... Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Oscars Gift Bag -- $200k Worth of Vacays, Sex Toys and Toilet Paper!

Meek Mill -- Dodges Jail Time ... Gets House Arrest for Up to 12 MONTHS!

Lisa Vanderpump -- Kitchen Fire at Famous Restaurant

Jerry Jones' Son -- Not Jonesing For Johnny (Video)

Josh Duggar -- Porn Star Admits Lie In Sexual Assault Lawsuit ... Drops Case

Dave Matthews Band -- Rocked the Pier at Pre-Super Bowl Party (VIDEO)

Marshawn Lynch -- My First Periscope ... Drops 'Deez Nutz' Joke

Louisville -- Self-Imposed NCAA Tourney Ban ... Over Hooker Scandal

IndyCar's Marco Andretti -- I'm Engaged to Polish Model!

Jim Brown -- 80th Bday Bash ... $35,000 Toast!!!

Todd Gurley -- I Could Be a Huge Movie Star ... Let's Make Billions!!! (VIDEO)

Future -- Finally, I Get to Be a Doting Dad (VIDEO)

For Those Who Can't Forget Someone Who's Already Forgotten You

10 Things Your Friend With Social Anxiety Wishes You Knew

FDNY Chaplain Saves The Day For Young Bride And Groom

Why I Drank While I Was Pregnant

STOP Telling Me I Need To Vote For Hillary Just Because I'm A Woman

3 Things Not Even Your Closest BFFs Should Know About Your Marriage

More News

Washington Post

Will Clinton's past success in New Hampshire mean anything in 2016?

In N.H., Saturday's debate showdown could swing Republican race

Jeb Bush: 'Mom' | Campaign 2016

Ben Carson: Ted Cruz's response to 'dirty trick' is like Hillary Clinton after Benghazi

Ron Paul warns Republicans not to vote for Ted Cruz

That time Barbara Bush walked into a diner ...

Kasich gets in snowball fight with media in N.H.

Clinton camp stays mum on plans to 'look into' releasing speech transcripts

Goodwill tour: Obama spends time this week with an unusual number of Hill lawmakers

Wall Street Journal

Clinton and Sanders Spar Over Progressive Credentials, Wall Street

Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Dilemma

Some New Hampshire Voters Question Trump's Latest Moves

Family Leave Hits the Campaign Trail

Concern About Classified Data in Emails Expands

Voter Records for 2 Million Iowans Exposed on GOP Site

Cruz Fires Salvos at His Top Two Rivals

Debate Guide: Search What Candidates Said on Key Issues

Bill Requiring Women to Register for Draft Is Introduced

White House Estimates Islamic State Losing Manpower in Syria and Iraq

Washington Times

Obama confers with Chinese president over planned North Korean missile test

German spy agency received 100 tip-offs of ISIS fighters among refugees

Cologne police record 22 sexual assaults on first night of Carnival

NATO chief meets EU defense ministers to discuss cooperation

Obama depicted as murderous devil in downtown Moscow

Saudi Arabia offers to send ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria

Raphael Schumacher, Italian actor, declared clinically dead after staged hanging scene goes wrong

U.N. panel: Julian Assange detained arbitrarily, should be freed

For Brazil's Carnival fans, even the Zika virus can't stop the party

LA Times

As New Hampshire primary nears, nasty campaign ads portray a battle for the country's soul

'Lead helps guard your health': How American companies sold a toxic product

Fight or flight? In New Hampshire, Jeb Bush's sagging campaign faces reckoning

All the money in the world isn't buying votes this primary season

Essential Politics: Rubio rises, Clinton hangs on

In fight between Clinton and Sanders, a raging battle over Democrats' future

The real question in the Clinton-Sanders debate? How much change do Democrats want?

Labels, smears and other takeaways from the Democratic debate

NY Times

Pentagon Releases Small Portion of Photos From Detainee Abuse Cases

Twitter Steps Up Efforts to Thwart Terrorists' Tweets

Powerful Earthquake Causes Damage in Southern Taiwan

Wages Rise as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls Below 5%

Donald Trump's Immigration Message May Resound in New Hampshire

The 2016 Race: The Way Ted Cruz Won in Iowa Suggests Trouble Ahead

After the Super Bowl, Death Wish Coffee Might Need Its Own Brew to Keep Up

Once Ubiquitous, Daily Fantasy Sports Now Seems Vulnerable

USA Today

U.N. panel: WikiLeaks' Assange 'arbitrarily detained'

6.4M earthquake strikes Taiwan

Colombia: 3 dead from Zika-linked Guillain-Barre syndrome

One dead after shooting at Dublin boxing weigh-in

Zika QA: What you need to know about sex, saliva, sperm banks

Brazil study: 'Active' Zika virus found in urine, saliva

Julian Assange: 5 things you should know

Actor dies after noose scene goes wrong

NY Post

Prosecutors want to bar mention of double-cop shooting from Liang trial

The day in photos: Feb. 5, 2016

Twitter has suspended more than 125,000 accounts for promoting terrorism

FDNY chaplain holds impromptu wedding for couple after crane collapse

6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes southern Taiwan

Sickly sea lion pup found sleeping in restaurant booth

The planned tallest building in the world could be a mile high

Ranking all 49 Super Bowls from worst to first

NY Daily News

Building collapses as 6.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Taiwan

Online store ASOS removes 'SLAVE' shirt modeled by black man

Incredible images capture eruption of Japanese volcano

Woman confronts husband at her own funeral

Gunmen open fire on boxing event at Dublin hotel; one dead

People who live in or visit Zika areas should use condoms

SEE IT: New Zealand protester chucks sex toy at politician

Assange calls 'arbitrary detainment' ruling a 'vindication'

Daily Mail

Coldplay's Chris Martin jokingly bungles the name of Super Bowl 50 team

California doctor sentenced for prescribing exorbitant amounts of painkillers

Dublin hotel shooting leaves one dead during boxing weigh-in

Construction crane in Tribeca, Manhattan collapses on Worth street as police question the driver over crash that wiped out an entire block 

Now that's an offer you can't refuse! Owner of Al Capone's humble first home slashes price to just $179,900

Hillary Clinton splashes out more on polling than every Republican combined

It's snow-tacular! The annual sculpting championship is back as teams battle it out for the most creative and skilled creations

Right Scoop

Fox News: It's SO WEIRD how much coverage we're giving to 3rd place Marco Rubio!! Let us tell you ALL about it!!

'Only people who are really INSECURE about being black need black history month in 2016!'

NEW ad against Trump hits him where it HURTS 'his BUSINESS SAVVY!!

VIDEO: Trump suggests he will push for equality for gays and lesbians when president'sorta

You might wanna gouge your eyes out after you see this'

TRUMP now saying he DID NOT drop the F-BOMB in New Hampshire: 'I didn't say the word''[VIDEO]

One America News

Technology rout pushes Nasdaq to lowest close since 2014

Haiti protesters stone man to death as political crisis deepens

Twitter suspends over 125,000 accounts for 'promoting terrorist acts'

Oil falls in volatile trade ahead of key oil producer meeting

LinkedIn sheds $11 billion in value on stock's worst day since debut

Israeli troops shoot dead a Palestinian teen hurling Molotov: army

Leaders at Bridgewater Associates in apparent feud: WSJ

ABC News

Crane Collapses in New York City, Killing 1

How Alleged 'Bonnie and Clyde' Crime Spree Unfolded

Friend Recalls Moment She Turned in Alleged 'Road Rage' Killer

Dramatic Video Shows Person Stuck in Car After Crane Crash in Manhattan

Zika Outbreak Updates: Puerto Rico Declares State of Emergency

Lawyer: 'Serial' Defense Crippled by Omission of Witness

Pentagon Releases Photos of Alleged Detainee Abuse by US in Iraq, Afghanistan

Man Accused of Forcing Fort Bragg Soldier Into Prostitution

Weekly Standard

The Man Who Wasn't There

Trump: I'll Debate With Megyn Kelly as Moderator

Poll: Sanders Ties Hillary Nationally

Angels in the Outfield: Glover Backs Bernie

Kristol: What to Expect in New Hampshire

Why Colin Powell's Emails Are Not Like Hillary's

Trump Cancels Only N.H. Event Today, Offers Top Prize of $15 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card to Get Out the Vote

Republicans on Hill, Campaign Trail Reject Obama Oil Tax

Art and the Ottomans

The Hill

Five-letter words and legal language

Liquefied natural gas exports signal a new era of US energy

Finally, in Iowa, the voters speak

Why school choice is right for America's children

Des Moines Register calls for audit of Sanders-Clinton result in Iowa

Sanders rushes to help man who passed out during press conference

Rubio surges to second in New Hampshire poll

Female senators urge Warren: Back Hillary Clinton

World Net Daily

Schlafly unloads on Rubio: 'He betrayed us all'

'ISIS'pranksters in NYC threaten to 'blow up train'

Obama owns stock in ammo, firearms companies

Bombshell: Obama to cut border surveillance in half

Super 'Toilet'Bowl: City scorched for open-air 'pee'wall

Tempers flare over loud Islamic prayers in 'Muslimville, USA'

Sanders zooms into virtual tie with Hillary

Signs posted at school: Staffers carry guns


Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride to End

Sanders rallies take a darker turn

White House accuses GOP lawmakers of pulling a Trump

On abortion, Kasich is no moderate

O'Reilly to Trump: Quit swearing

Las Vegas Review-Journal endorses Marco Rubio

Bush super PAC hedges on ad strategy

Carson: 'I don't just throw something in the garbage and buy a new suit'


The right's birthday messages for Trayvon Martin will make you physically ill

Bernie Sanders says he wants a revolution: Demanding reparations for racial injustice should be his next move

Ted Cruz's Benghazi moment: Ben Carson slams his rival for shrugging off accusations of cheating in Iowa

Climate change made this baby sea lion so hungry that it ventured to a restaurant in search of food

Enough white tears for the Oscars: Stop complaining about 'unfair' diversity action ' there is no 'plight of the white nominee'

Real Clear Politics

When Bernie Met Hillary

Why Have NH Democrats Gone Gaga for Bernie Sanders?

The Real Shape of the Race

Republican Candidates Slash and Bash

Why Did MSNBC Put Rachel Maddow on the Debate Stage?

Jeb Bush Deserves a Second Look

Who Hates Obamacare?

Obamacare's Cadillac Tax Will Not Survive

Hot Air

Hmmm: Rubio snags Las Vegas Review-Journal endorsement for NV caucuses

Reporter to Trump: Can we expect more 'forward motion' on equality for gays when you're president?

The Governator is back ' for Kasich?

Ben Carson: Cruz's attitude towards what he did to me in Iowa reminds me of Hillary's attitude towards Benghazi

Don't be surprised if NATO goes after ISIS in Libya

Trump: Yes, I'll be at the next Fox debate ' with Megyn Kelly

Boston Globe poll of New Hampshire: Trump 29, Rubio 19, Kasich 13, Bush 10

Meanwhile, the F-35 is still a train wreck


Obama Pal and Donor Gayle King to Interview President for Super Bowl

Fake Edition of NY Times Claims Hillary Clinton Quit Run for President

There's a Lot More to Governing Than Government

Morning Joe Ratchets Up Rubio Attacks, He's Not Eisenhower

Barely News: Sanders Supporters Shouted 'She's a Liar'at Hillary on Caucus Night

Rosario Marín asevera que Jeb Bush es 'más latino'que Ted Cruz y Marco Rubio

Life Is Bad: Cosmo Upset More Babies Born After Planned Parenthood Defunded

Smoking Gun

Cops: Boy, 8, Used Mom's Gun In Stickup Bid

Tennessee Man With Fitting Forehead Ink Busted For Stabbing Victim In Stomach

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Kevin Hart

Hacker "Guccifer"Welcomes Extradition

Pancake Rage Case Dismissed After No-Show

Woman, 20, Suspected Of Battering Boyfriend Claims He Was Injured During "Freaky Sex"

Patrolman Dutifully Records How Drunk Driving Suspect Farted On Him

Canada Free Press

Obama's 'Pay Gap'Lies

Why Many Climate Scientists Fear amp; Hide The Truth

Jeb! SuperPAC Lobs hail Mary by releasing new ad featuring W

Martin Shkreli hits new heights of douchebaggery in congressional testimony

A (much) better year

Hillary Clinton's Email Problems: Growing Crisis or Nothing to See?

Palm Bay, FL Protects Religious Freedom, Rejects GLBT Ordinance

Rome Enters the Presidential Election

Two statements from the Finicum family

The Ulsterman Report

Flint, Michigan: The House That Obama Built

D.W. Ulsterman On The Iowa Caucus Results

Battle Of The Memes: 1/30/2016

D.W. Ulsterman On The Donald Trump -vs- Fox News Debate Dispute

'Jesus hit him with a blinding light, and then his life began. I said YEAH''

THE GREAT BETRAYAL: D.W. Ulsterman's Take On The National Review &Donald Trump

As Fox Mulder Returns, We Remember Duchovny's Hank Moody'

D.W. Ulsterman's Reading Deals: 1/19/2016


More than 70,000 Syrian refugees massing on Turkish border

Wikileaks founder said he was vindicated by a UN ruling and should go free

Russian-backed Syrian-Hizballah forces score major victories

Iran and Russia in first major falling-out over Syrian war and Assad

Putin Shapes Chechen-Style Regime for Syria after Assad's Exit

US amp; Russia Prepare to Massively Obliterate ISIS in Syria

Al Baghdadi Plans to Run Away from US-Russian Blitz to Africa or Arabia


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