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Fallen soldier's father receives promised $25G personal check from Trump

Getting tough on the Taliban: Trump admin said to be urging closure of the militant group's Qatar office

Deputies in Portland investigated by own department for cooperating with ICE agents

Podesta news should rattle Dems on Russia

Trump to announce new refugee admissions cap, stronger vetting rules as ban expires

Sarah Sanders pledges more on-the-record sourcing from White House

A quarter of troops see white nationalism in the military: Poll

GAO: Trump should craft strategy to deal with economic harm of climate change

Trump jumps ahead GOP tax reform effort with 401(k) tweet

Trump administration turns down Massachusetts Obamacare waiver

Khizr Khan uses his son's story to rip Trump and fundraise for Democrats

Trump's $25,000 check to Gold Star father arrives days after promise was revealed

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin to attend Trump's opioid speech

Kathy Griffin Blasts Feminist Lawyer Lisa Bloom as Incompetent 'Fame Whore'

Oscar-Winning Writer-Director Paul Haggis Suggests Hollywood Pedophilia Cover-Up

Trump's Immigration Policies Match Public Opinion, Polls Show

Maxine Waters: Trump 'Talks Down to People of Color,' Treats 'Them With Disrespect'

Hillary Clinton: Uranium One Stories 'Debunked'

Poll: Many African Americans Want Colin Kaepernick to Lead Black Lives Matter

Mexican Government Uses Disinformation to Influence Texas Politics

Terry Richardson 'banned from major fashion magazines'

Tom Hanks calls Trump's call to Gold Star widow 'c**k-up'

Americans are retiring later and dying sooner

Tennessee church shooting suspect noted visions and voices

Scandal star Tony Goldwyn says he was sexually harassed

Harvey Weinstein 'repulsed' Kelly Brook

Ivana Trump dons a ponytail and Adidas tracksuit in NYC

Utah school runner carries injured teammate across finish

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OR 36%...

Principal Apologizes For President's Tombstone At Halloween Party...

Parents Upset By Life-Size Trump-Scarecrow Placed Outside School...

EPA chief security beefed up after threats...

Number of New Regulations Near ZERO...

Fewer hold mix of conservative and liberal views...

Kate Steinle trial begins with emotional testimony from father...

Illegals jump over fence -- as MSNBC reports on wall!

Trump-like leaders proliferate around world...



Harvey Assistant Breaks NDA, Details Cover-Up History...

Matt Damon gets off easy in interview after admitting he knew Weinstein harassed...

Lisa Bloom violated attorney-client privilege in tweet spat with Kathy Griffin?

Honolulu Set To Fine Pedestrians Who Text and Walk...

Men Taking Classes to Unlearn 'Toxic Masculinity'...

More Getting Stoned At Office...

Americans Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between...

Daniel Day Lewis mysterious final movie trailer...

WORLD SERIES Could Be Hottest Ever...

100 Degrees Expected For Game 1!

October Heat-Wave Shuts San Diego Schools...



Wilson demands apology from Gen. Kelly for 'character assassination'...

Putin warns of super-human soldiers who feel no fear or pain...

China speeds ahead of USA as quantum race escalates, worrying scientists...

Tense chase through Mediterranean reveals how rattled NATO was by ghostly Russian sub...

Personalized white supremacist fliers rile...

Record Stink Bugs Invading America...


GOOGLE neighborhood to deploy 'weather management system'...

Tech Giant Adds More Republican Lobbyists...

Sex robot inventor says he will soon have 'children' with his creations...

President to Meet Duterte on Asia Trip...


Japan Sounds Alarm...

Tech Firms Seek Washington's Prized Asset: Top-Secret Clearances...

Surgeons Operate on Patient -- Within Patient...

Hackers Steal Photos From Plastic Surgeon to Stars...

Claim Trove Includes Royals!

London introduces tax on polluting vehicles...

Road rage attack goes wrong as driver runs SELF over...

Jogger finds armor-piercing tank round on PA river bank...

Sam Smith Feeling 'Just as Much Woman as Man'...

Two-Thirds Of Seniors Targeted By Fraud...

The woman who sweats BLOOD...

Six-month waiting list to donate dead horse to zoo lions...

Can Science Make Alcohol Safer?


Cyber-Protest of Medical Kidnapping Results in Draconian Punishment

Rand: U.S. In So Many Wars Even 'Warmonger Lindsey Graham'Can't Keep Track

Photos Of Police Beating Catalans 'Fake News': Spanish Foreign Minister

Sessions: 'We Will Use Whatever Laws We Have to Get MS-13 Off of Our Streets'

Gingrich: Hillary Clinton's Russia Connection 'Stunning'

We Have Never Seen Anything like This... (2017-2018 EVENTS)

NASA Deep State Alien Satellite Space Project Janus To End Trump USA. Worse Than HAARP

Watch This and Know Something is Coming! (2017-2018)

Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Commercial Free) Monday 10/23/17: News, Omar Navarro, Outlaw Morgan

Putin Warns Of Sci-Fi Super Human Soldiers That Are Worse Than Nuclear Bombs

Chemtrails -- It's happening in America...This video is blocked in almost every country (2017-2018)

Benjamin Fulford : Past Presidents of Bankrupt US Corp Go on Begathon for Godfather Bush

BITCOIN THE BIGGEST BUBBLE OF OUR TIME ? If Bitcoin Was A Company It Would Be Bigger Than Nike UPS

The Collapse of Venezuela: Aftermath


The Dream of Technocracy - Why Big Oil Conquered The World

The Truth About The Classified JFK Files

The IMF Lays Out The Global Financial Crash Scenario

'Strange Attacks' Happening Around the World! (2017-2018)

How Will The Earth Look When All The Ice Melts?

Roger Stone About His Conversation With Trump And Other Current Events

Psychological Warfare Subversion Cultural Marxism, Islamism and Feminism

Peter Schiff : This is the Beginning of a MAJOR Bear Market

Dave Janda ' Top Wall Street, Hollywood, D.C. Involved in Child Abuse

The Alex Jones (Commercial Free) Sunday 10/22/17: Roger Stone Trump JFK Files

Coast To Coast AM - October 22, 2017 Mysterious UFO Technology with George Knapp

Coast To Coast AM - October 21, 2017 The Firesign Theatre The Expedition for ETs

Coast To Coast AM - October 20, 2017 19th Century Apparitions, Mark Twain The Supernatural

Coast To Coast AM - October 19, 2017 Alternative Health Exploring the Afterlife

Coast To Coast AM - October 18, 2017 Human Chipping AI's Future

Kate Steinle trial starts with opening statements, emotional testimony from father

HIV-positive Maryland school aide sexually assaulted 42 boys

Top US general: Soldiers in Niger called for help 1 hour after ambush

A Satellite Chunk Could Fall on Your Head at Any Moment. Get Used to It.

Trump visit to DMZ unlikely, White House says

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J-WOAH! Jennifer Lopez flips off photographer on film set

Bill O'Reilly Responds to the NYT Hit Piece on Glenn Beck's Radio Program

Maxine Waters And The Death Of The Democrat Party

Michael Savage Rips Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC

Bill O'Reilly Discusses The Corrupt Media With Glenn Beck

CNN Caught Creating Fake News Again: Adding Words To Syrian Witness' Statement To Fit Western Narrative

Monsanto's RoundUp is more dangerous than we realized: Even the inert ingredients have proven to be dangerous

Video: 'Czech Donald Trump' To Win Parliamentary Elections

'Legal Workforce Act' Will Punish Employers Who Hire Illegal Aliens

ROTARY International argues that vaccine-derived polio, caused by polio vaccines, is somehow caused by NOT ENOUGH children being vaccinated

BOMBSHELL: Genetic modification proven ineffective ' pests have become immune to the poison of modified crops in less than five years, but we still have to eat it

Black death kills nearly 100 people as plague infects 1,150 in TWO MONTHS

Catalonia crisis to BREAK UP EU? Bloc 'could FALL APART if Spain installs puppet regime'

Senate Probe Asks Whether Robert Mueller Alerted Obama Administration to Russian Bribery Scheme


Americans' Top Fears Of 2017

Joe Rogan Drops The Mic On 'Cultural Appropriation'

Wannabe British MP Rachel Eden and the zombie alliance

Balfour merrymaking a potential PR disaster for the British government

Bitcoin Saving Lives of People in THIS Country as Hyperinflation Makes Currency Worthless

The IMF Lays Out The Global Financial Crash Scenario

Suzie Dawson Calls For Active Support Of Assange, Wikileaks

Video: Ghost Town: Aerial Footage Of Ruined Raqqa

We Need A New Political Story Of Empathy And Sharing To Replace Neoliberalism

John Brennan's Police State USA ' Mike Whitney

Gambling websites banned from targeting children

The Pentagon Wants Drone 'Swarms'to Support Infantry

2018 Voters Will Insist on Swamp Drainers

Really ? Worst stock market crash ever is coming ' Max Keiser on Black Monday's 30th anniversary

Blueprint Unveiled to Shut Down Department of Education


Why Trump should name himself new chair of the Federal Reserve

WHO's sickening honor for butcher Mugabe

De Blasio in denial on quality-of-life enforcement

Now Democrats have a Russia problem

Sorry, conspiracy theorists: US democracy isn't that cheap

Abe's win in Japan is good news for US

After ISIS: Hope in Iraq and new storm clouds in Syria

Dubya's finest hour, political contempt out of control &other comments

Why both major US parties look doomed

The Yankees gave us one heck of a fine 'rebuilding year'

Alabama's Republican Primary Is Just a Preview

Donald Trump: King of Deregulation?

Corporate Tax Cuts Benefit the Rich

Trump Disrupts Tax Debate by Ruling Out 401(k) Change

Lynch, the Clintons and a Series of Fantastic Coincidences

What 'Trumpification' of the Presidency Means to Generation Z

10 Times CNN Told Us an Apple Was a Banana

Driverless Cars Made Me Nervous. Then I Tried One.

The Charitable Health Care Racket

Lend-Lease: When U.S. Largesse Saved the World

Finally, the Missing Puzzle Piece

The Three Bullets of Francesca Mann

K-12: Character Assassins

Sultan Erdogan and the New Janissaries

The Big Mistake in Obamacare Replacement Plans


Kendall Jenner Buys Charlie Sheen's Old Beverly Hills Mansion

'Love Hip Hop' Star Hazel-E Says Letter Proves She Got Axed Over Homophobic Rant

L.A. Rams Coach: Yeah, Jared Goff's Killing It

Tiger Woods Can Still Win Another Major, Says Vijay Singh

Ted Cruz to Trump: Release the JFK Files, My Fam's Got Nothing to Hide!

Mexican Soap Star Eduardo Yanez Sued for Slapping the Hell Out of Reporter

Eric Bolling Fires Back at Bill O'Reilly About NYT Statement Over Son's Death (UPDATE)

Bruce Springsteen's Getting Jersey Strong for Broadway Run

UFC's Sage Northcutt Wrestles HUGE Bodybuilder in China

Katy Perry Fulfilled Her Wedding Crasher Dreams for 15 Minutes in St. Louis

Wizards' Marcin Gortat to LaVar Ball: John Wall's Gonna 'Torture' Lonzo

David Beckham's Beach Bod Belongs on 'Baywatch'

NFL's Nigel Bradham Dodges Bullet In Loaded Gun Case

'Walking Dead' Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan: L.A. Dodgers Can Use Lucille

Blue Ivy Carter Busts a Move at Cousin's Birthday Party!!!

I'm a Big (Fake) Klay Thompson Fan, Says Ex-Kings Star Hedo Turkoglu

Mel B Tossed My Baby Pics and Clothes, Claims Stephen Belafonte

DJ Khaled Gives Asahd $100k Diamond Watch for 1st Birthday

Janet Jackson NOT Banned from Super Bowl Halftime, NFL Says

LeBron Throws Baller 'Moana'-Themed Party For Daughter's 3rd Birthday



Rangers'latest ugly loss was distressingly familiar

Yankees'future at manager likely all rests on Joe Girardi's heart

Giants'sub receivers look like what they are

Barstool Sports fires back: 'ESPN needed us more'

What Mickey Callaway is looking for in Mets'pitching coach

Jets coach vows Robby Anderson won't lose temper like that again

Isaiah Whitehead pays the price for Nets'deep backcourt

Colin Kaepernick is shopping a book

Whose hitting is better? Breaking down the World Series

Mickey Callaway won over Mets because that's what he does

ESPN cancels 'Barstool Van Talk' after one episode

Dallas Seavey musher whose dogs tested positive for banned drug

Knicks reach out to Suns about potential Eric Bledsoe trade

Mickey Callaway has to overcome stigma as former pitching coach

Mickey Callaway a necessary gamble to get Mets back on right path

Mighty Quinn: October 24

By hiring Mickey Callaway as manager, Mets may lose Kevin Long

Mickey Callaway introduced as new Mets manager at Citi Field

Todd Bowles says Jets 'don't condone' Robby Anderson helmet toss

Jets try to move on after blowing another double-digit lead

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Fox News

Mueller probing Tony Podesta's work for pro-Russian group

How a liberal learned to 'love the right'

Firm behind Trump dossier fights demand to open bank records

Scholar: Russia collusion obsession is empty hysteria

Why aren't Dems concerned about the Russia uranium scandal?


The Pentagon briefing was a striking change in tone from the public response of the Trump administration

Ex-mayor rips Trump's call to Gold Star widow

Analysis: Donald Trump just hit a new low

Myeshia Johnson: Trump's call made me cry

Widow reveals new details about Trump's call


These are the people running Trump's EPA

Bill O'Reilly settled harassment claim for...

Rep. Lee: Trump owes Gold Star family an...

Sean Spicer keeps on lying, now at Harvard

Matthews: Will JFK files answer questions...

WaPo: Democrats jittery about VA Governor...

Did McCain go after Trump for draft dodging?


ABC News

Fallen soldier's widow speaks out about 'anger' at Trump's call

McCain: 'We should not be fighting' over Sgt. Johnson's death

Trump contradicts Army widow's account of his condolence phone call

College football players plead not guilty in alleged assault on student

Trump attorney Michael Cohen scheduled to meet with House Russia investigators

CBS News

Meet the Medal of Honor recipient who was sent on a top-secret mission

Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff discloses details about Niger ambush

Legal marijuana crops destroyed in California wildfires

Why Oprah pitched a "60 Minutes" story on prisons

Flight diverted to JFK Airport after hitting birds


Sendejo suspended for hit that sent Wallace's helmet flying

Trump to press China on North Korea, trade on Beijing visit

Suns' GM says guard Bledsoe likely done with team

Motegi says Japan will host next round of TPP talks Oct 30-Nov 1

U.S. needs to work with others on North Korea crisis: Singapore PM


Washington Post

Trump likely won't visit Korean demilitarized zone during Asia trip, White House says

Trump pledges 'NO change to your 401(k)'in his tax cut plan

Trump to try to rally House Republicans on Sunday call to speed up tax cuts

McConnell says Trump needs to provide clarity on health care

Rep. Wilson accuses White House chief of staff of 'character assassination,'calls for apology

Washington Times

John Kelly shouldn't apologize to Frederica Wilson, White House says

Sarah Sanders: Donald Trump rising above hostile media, Congress

Oregon state senator: Sexual harassment common in Capitol

Donald Trump's coal policies clash with market forces

Inside the Beltway: Former NPR kingpin embraces conservatism

Roll Call

Senate Rules Chairman Is Cool to Campaign Ad Bill

Trump Told the Senate About Niger Actions in June

Podcast: Don't Pop the Champagne Just Yet on Tax Overhaul

Congress Should Revise Base Closure Rules, Report Recommends

McSally Outraises All Her Democratic Opponents Combined


New York Times

Rex Tillerson, Megyn Kelly, Saudi Arabia: Your Monday Evening Briefing

Asia and Australia Edition: Rohingya, Marawi, Xi Jinping: Your Tuesday Briefing

Cutting Taxes Is Hard. Trump Is Making It Harder.

Tax Cuts Are Coming. So Are the Fights About Paying for Them.

D.E.A. Says Hondurans Opened Fire During a Drug Raid. A Video Suggests Otherwise.

New York Daily News

Woman charged with killing 91-year-old man during home invasion

U.S. Marine fatally stabbed after argument in Hawaii

By hiring Mickey Callaway as manager, Mets may lose Kevin Long

A tale of two Trumps, and two military men

Ex-Puerto Rico Gov. slams Trump's high marks on relief efforts

New York Post

One of these 8 prototypes could become Trump's 'big, beautiful'border wall

Father of missing girl sent outside as punishment arrested

Hackers threaten to release 'proof'about British royals'plastic surgery

Stolen dog returned to owner after 3-year, 1,700-mile journey

Couple arrested, charged in death of 13-day-old infant


Real Clear Politics

Alabama's Republican Primary Is Just a Preview

Donald Trump: King of Deregulation?

Corporate Tax Cuts Benefit the Rich

Trump Disrupts Tax Debate by Ruling Out 401(k) Change

Lynch, the Clintons and a Series of Fantastic Coincidences

What 'Trumpification' of the Presidency Means to Generation Z

Washington Beacon

Waters: Trump Has a 'Tendency to Talk Down to People of Color'

Dunford Refuses to Call Niger Incident 'Trump's Benghazi'

Dunford Explains U.S. Presence in Niger: 'We're Dealing With Global Threats' From ISIS

Steyer Dodges on Whether Donors Should Withhold Donations to Dems Not Calling for Trump's Impeachment

ESPN Cancels New Barstool Sports Show After One Episode


Apple Sees Its Mobile Devices as Platform for Artificial Intelligence

Apple Sees Its Mobile Devices as Platform for Artificial Intelligence

Fake Kim Jong Un Strolls Streets of New York

Joint Chiefs Chair: Families, Nation Deserve Answers on Niger Attack

Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Vietnam Army Medic