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Veteran Essebsi wins Tunisia's first free presidential vote Raspy-voiced British soul singer Joe Cocker dies at 70 New York mayor calls for pause in protests after police killings Ex-police officer not charged in Milwaukee shooting death Ex-minister Kudrin warns of 'full-fledged crisis' in Russia Twin bomb blasts in northeast Nigeria bus station kill 20 Exclusive: WHO says Syria approves medicine deliveries to Aleppo, other areas Ocwen executive chairman to step down in $150 million settlement American Apparel confirms takeover offer, sets new 'poison pill' U.S. leads 22 more air strikes against Islamic State: task force China condemns cyberattacks, but says no proof North Korea hacked Sony Ukraine threatens to cut off power to rebel-held regions if usage not curbed Bomb in northeast Nigeria bus station kills 15: official Air China signs deal to purchase 60 Boeing B737 aircraft Budget pressure unlikely to deflect Iran from nuclear goals Court orders partner of Sydney hostage-taker jailed Republicans weigh big changes at U.S. budget referee agency Saudi Arabia says won't cut oil output Police officers' slaying raises pressure on New York mayor Obama says Sony hack not an act of war

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A CITY IN MOURNING: New Yorkers and fellow officers honor slain NYPD cops Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos as memorial springs up at the scene where they were fatally shot



De Blasio faces firestorm after officer murders - Fox News

Joe Cocker, rock and blues star, dies at 70 - Los Angeles Times

North Korea experiencing widespread Internet outages - Fox News

No charges for Milwaukee officer who shot man 14 times - USA TODAY

Christmas week storms poised to deliver travel headaches - Fox News

Hernandez trial in January to take 6 to 10 weeks - KATC Lafayette News

Alstom to Pay US Record $772 Million Fine in Bribery Scheme - New York Times

Hamas Test-Fires Rocket Into Mediterranean in Show of Strength - Businessweek

Army Refers Bergdahl Investigation to Four-Star General for Potential Court Martial - Wall Street Journal

Raw footage shows scene after Glasgow truck crash kills six - The Globe and Mail

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Drudge Report


No Protests Until After Officer Funerals...

'Blood on your hands'...


Sharpton scrambles after cops killed...

Civil rights leaders fear backlash...

GIULIANI: Obama propaganda pushed people to 'hate'...

SHERIFF JOE: 'I'm Afraid It's Going to Spread Across Nation'...

Police departments on alert...



'CITIZENFOUR' Producers Sued Over Snowden Leaks...

Feds create 'insider threat' team to keep tabs on their own...

Artist creates depiction of futuristic 'sex bots'...


NEW REPUBLIC mag promises to quit being white, mostly male...

Former police chief who posted videos secretly fed info on people he viewed as extremists to FBI...

Drones fly off shelves for Christmas...

FAA approvals bedeviled by warnings, conflict...

Russia starts bailing out banks as economy faces 'full-blown crisis'...


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W. GEORGE JAMESON AND WILLIAM MURRAY: CIA officers and the American public deserve more

CAL THOMAS: Cuba libre!

TAMMY BRUCE: Hillary Clinton empathizes with terrorists

ROBERT KNIGHT: Two more chances to overturn Obamacare

FINGERS MALLOY: Left gets it wrong: Charles and David Koch bad, Fidel and Raul Castro good

ROBERT CHARLES: What is right about America

STEPHEN MOORE: The coming pension meltdown

BOOK REVIEW: 'Common Ground on Common Core'

PETER MORICI: Obama could stifle North Korea’s shakedown of Sony

AL CARDENAS: Giving away the store to the Castros

Hot Stuff

'French Kim K.' accused of stabbing beau is out of jail

Do leaked Madonna songs from 'Rebel Heart' cut the mustard?

J.WHOA! Lopez dons plunging beige jumpsuit


Muhammad Ali's Daughter -- 'He's Doing So Much Better ... My Daddy's a Strong Man'

Ray Rice -- CHARITY BLITZKRIEG ... In Image Makeover Campaign

Joe Cocker Dead -- Dies From Lung Cancer

Casey Kasem -- Buried in Norway ... FINALLY

Iggy Azalea Afraid To Face Ex ... Fears Violence In Texas

Vanessa Bryant -- Taps 'Project Runway' Designer ... For Xmas Card Dress

Chris Brown -- Roaring to the Finish in Probation Case

System of a Down -- Sony Wasn't Completely Wrong to Pull 'The Interview'

LeBron James Jr. -- BALLIN' OUT ... At 4th Grade Hoops Tourney

Notre Dame Football -- 'It's Been a Terrible Year' ... Says Regis Philbin

Matt Barnes -- I'm With the Boss ... Parties with Rick Ross

'Kardashians' Star -- No Evidence Khloe's Dating NBA Star

Giancarlo Stanton -- I'm Gonna Spend My $325 Mil Contract On ...

Tyga -- Blac Chyna's a Bad Mom ... I Want Custody!

Nicki Minaj's Ex-Boyfriend -- Break-ups Are Hard When Your Ex Is Everywhere!

Oops! 11 Dating Mistakes I Made In 2014

Here's The Truth About Long-Distance Relationships

8 New Year's Resolutions That'll Help You Find Love In 2015

This Personality Trait Makes You Healthier, Says Science

Dear Haters: Stop Judging My Single Mom Status. I'm Not To Blame.

BBC reporter too stoned to finish report on burning opiates

Possibly Drunk Man Died Running Across Roadway

Gamer pleads guilty to making emergency call to report Grand Theft Auto shooting

Motorist sees dead parrot on road, motorist calls authorities, authorities come to the rescue, jk guys, it's just a winter hat

Family finds creepy surprise after Craigslist buy

Mum becomes suicidal before Christmas every year because she can't accept Santa isn't real

This guy can't think of any other way to express his love for his new Jordans... So he licks them.

Clearwater woman assaults grandmother over Facebook friend request

Heather Cagle, Teacher, Fired For Taking Kids On Ride In Car Trunk

"Celebrated author, filmmaker, and education ambassador"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar can't spell Ronald Reagan's name correctly, but he feels qualified to lecture us about life, the universe, and everything.

Cleveland men's argument over sexuality ends in sword attack

Satanist group puts up display outside Michigan Capitol

Confessions of a Modern Witch: Fake News

Man found on fire inside porta potty in north St. Louis

Thieves struck by lightning after robbing a church

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More News


Lindsey Vonn crashes

Pakistan airport operations resume

Police officer shot, killed in Florida

Top 10 entertainment news of 2014

Russian warplane intercepts

2016 long shots think they can win?

Officers shoot man at U.S. border

Mom charged in deaths of 8 kids

Runaway tire smashes into man

NASA emails wrench to ISS for fix

Fox News

RETALIATION? Widespread Internet outages suddenly hit North Korea

THORN STICK Arizona sheriff takes on Obama immigration orders

MAYOR IN CRISIS NYC's de Blasio faces firestorm after cop murders

ROCK LEGEND DIES Joe Cocker dies at 70, battled lung cancer

SPIRITED FIGHT Wine lover uncorks legal battle with Keystone State

Lone wolf in France? Driver reportedly yelling 'Allahu Akbar' injures 13 - Garbage truck hits crowd of shoppers in Glasgow

Fra-gee-lay: Leg lamp in store’s ‘A Christmas Story’ tribute is stolen


DREAMers Issued Licenses for First Time in Arizona

'Put Aside Protests' Until Cops' Funerals, New York Mayor Says

New Immigration Policy Creates Long Lines at Arizona DMV

Watch Live: Shot Texas Weather Man Speaks

Watch Live: De Blasio and Bratton Hold Briefing

Suspect in Florida Cop Killing Held Without Bond

U.S. Let Cuban Prisoner Send Sperm to His Wife

Watch Live: De Blasio Delivers Remarks at Police Luncheon

Washington Times

North Korea experiencing severe Internet outages

Pakistan to execute 500 militants in light of Peshawar massacre

North Korea skipping U.N. Security Council meeting

Top news of 2014 left public grasping for answers

Late at night, Christie doing 2016 foreign policy homework

Editorials from around Ohio

Pope scolds Vatican higher-ups for 'spiritual Alzheimer's,' hypocrisy

Chris Coons sees progress against Ebola in Liberia

Ala teen going to Antarctica for holidays

Huffington Post

Pat Lynch, You Will Not Wage "War" On Our Communities!

CIA Torture Report: Now Is the Time to Act

100 Years Ago: When Battlefield 'Enemies' Refused to Fight

Let Love Arise

Ambivalent Attitudes: The Public and Opinion Polls

Raising Overtime Pay Is Easier Than You Think

Why we should Respect Law Enforcement

Congressman Michael Grimm To Plead Guilty To Tax Evasion: Report


NYT : Obama Must Prosecute CIA Torture

John McCain: No, Obama, Sony Hack Was 'Warfare'

Obama: Hack Was 'Cyber Vandalism,' Not 'Act of War'

NASA Wasted $349M on 'Ghost Tower'

Obama: Sony 'Made a Mistake'

Radio Caller: 'This Is Barack Obama, Formerly of Somerville'

After 30 Years, Lawmakers Are No Longer Roomies

Family Rains Cash on Dems, Immigration Breaks Ensue

5 Years Later, Alan Gross Is on US Soil

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

One America News

Icahn’s money could keep Atlantic City casino open another year: lawyer

Gaza gets machinery to equip its first Coca Cola plant

Iraq says Jordan to begin training Iraqi troops soon

Russia in recession in 2015, ruble to stay pressured: Reuters poll

Russia says U.S. scrapping steel trade deal raises WTO issues

U.S.-Cuba thaw boosts odds of getting back fugitives: U.S. official

Rock star Sting buoys ‘The Last Ship’with Broadway role

ABC News

Mayor: Put Politics on Hold Amid 'Unspeakable Pain'

Milwaukee Police Officer Not Charged in Fatal Shooting

Where to Order Gifts in Time for Christmas

N. Korea Warns of Strikes at 'All of Mainland USA'

NYPD Cadets Advised Not to Wear Uniforms in Public

Slain NY Officers Remembered for Community, Family Dedication

One Former Cop's Analysis: It's No Time to Be Turning our Backs on Anyone

Police: Fugitive Killed Florida Officer

Weekly Standard

Kerry Uses Tsunami Anniversary to Push 'Climate Change'Agenda

Obama and Cuba: Right for the Wrong Reasons

The Taliban’s Media Campaign

The Pathetic Pacific Pivot

On the Two Murdered New York City Cops

Republicans and Wall Street

Kim's Plans

The Art of Healing

A Year Later, the Exchanges Still Stink

The Hill

Israel's historic election

Rolling Stone and journalism by meme

On immigration, Obama beat Beltway GOP, but fight is far from over

The CIA responds to Feinstein

Obama's 'propaganda'pushed people to 'hate the police,'Giuliani says

Republicans eye obscure budget tool to repeal ObamaCare

Obama shows muscles on taxes

Watch 'The Interview'scene depicting Kim Jong Un's death

World Net Daily

Deep South targets GOP primary process

Ebola survivor's blood used to seek cure

'If you take away religion, you can't hire enough police'

North Korea threatens attack on White House

Air China orders 60 Boeing 737s for $6 billion

'Economic justice'group justifies execution of NYC cops

Sheriff Joe predicts war on police

Just 15% of active-duty military support Obama


Dixie rising

Tea partier braces for primary challenge from establishment

Scenes From Putin's Economic Meltdown

Labor's big comeback

New York Times: Prosecute Cheney

New editor says TNR will be 'more diverse'

Fritz to become Boehner's press secretary

Coburn: President Obama's a 'neat man'


What the New York Times misses about rape: Campus assault isn’t a distraction — it’s part of a larger conversation

CIA’s tortured accountability: Why it gets away with pretty much everything

Fox’s Keith Ablow: Body cameras and de-escalation training “an insult to police officers”

John McCain’s latest saber-rattling: Another foreign policy problem for which ‘war’ is the only answer

From the Emma Stone lip-sync to “House of Cue Cards”: The year in Jimmy Fallon

Real Clear Politics

The Context for This Weekend's Atrocity

N.Y. Cops Union Head Doesn't Get It

Bernard Goetz's Subway Shots Echo Still

Republicans Exit 2014 Strong. Clinton, NotSo Much.

Rubio's Unpresidential Cuba Tantrum

Rand Paul Just Doesn't Understand

How Vermont's Health Care Dream Fell Apart

Endless Fascination With Rahm Emanuel

Free Republic

WATCH – Conservative English MP Hannan Lights Up Crowd Observing ‘Hitler was a Socialist’

Domino's delivery man killed at District at the Summit apartments

2014 Answer Of The Year

Tucker Carlson: Al Sharpton Helped Kill NYPD Cops By 'Whipping Up Race Hatred'

Mayor: No Politics, Protests Until Slain NYPD Officers Laid To Rest

Ebola Air Ambulance Leaves Portugal, Goes to Andrews AFB

Background Check Blocks Gun Sale To Wanted Man At Spokane Show

De Blasio faces firestorm after officer murders


All Set for Counting of Votes in Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand

Abandoned and Helpless, Yet This Mumbai Street Dweller Refuses to Give Up

All Together Now. Cops Push Chief Minister's Plane Off Runway

UN Panel Removes 'Sahib' From Hafiz Saeed's Name, Regrets Mistake

'It is as if These Children are Living In Jails': Minister on Dalit Boys' Hostels in Nagpur

Hindu Man Arrested For Temple Desecration Incidents in Muzaffarnagar

No Controversies, Please: Ministers Meet RSS Leaders for Strategy

Woman Bent on Suicide Rescued, Then Raped. Two Men Arrested

Opinion: Really, RSS? An Anti-Conversion Law?



Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism

President Obama Picks His Favorite Film of 2014

ABC News: North Korea Govt Behind Sony Hack

MN State Rep Wants $329,000 Refund from Jonathan Gruber for Work With 'Beyond Laughable' Error Rates

Can Obama Act Alone On Cuba

Juan Williams: Cuba Deal 'Pig in a Poke,' 'Nothing There'

New York to Ban Fracking; Environmentalists Cheer

FLOTUS Flashback: Woman Asked for Help at Target 'Because She Was Short'


New Better Call Saul Trailer Gives Fans an Actual Glimpse of the Show

Why You Shouldn’t Read a Tablet Before Bed

New York Theater Will Host Live Reading of The Interview Script

Listen to Joe Cocker’s Most Memorable Songs

Stage and Film Actress Billie Whitelaw Dead at 82

New York City Mayor Calls for Pause to Protests

The Complete Guide To In-Flight Wi-Fi Hacks

Why New York Cops Turned Their Backs on Mayor de Blasio

Daily Beast

What On Earth Is ‘The Affair’ About?

Joe Cocker's Deep Live Cuts

Dr. Evil Schools North Korea, Sony

This Week’s Hot Reads

North Korea’s Secret Movie Bootleggers

The Women Battling an Islamist Strongman

The Bloodiest Media Coups of 2014

Silicon Valley Sets Its Sights on Africa

The Blaze

These Two States Led U.S. Job Creation in 2014

Conservative Historian David Barton Wins $1 Million Judgment in Defamation Lawsuit — and Here’s the Unsuspecting Thing He Did With the Money

NYC Mayor Calls for Pause in Protests, Political Debates Until After Funerals for Slain Officers

It’s Not Every Day You See an Exchange Like This Between Israeli Soldiers and Palestinian Kids

Texas Pastor on ‘White Privilege’and What Needs to Be Done to Solve the Racial Divide

These Were America’s Drunkest Days of 2014

Hot Air

Coincidence? North Korea loses Internet connection

Salon: Have a rapey Christmas, you religious dinosaurs

Crisis averted: America ‘urges’ North Korea to compensate Sony for losses

The South wants its status as GOP’s geographic heartland reflected in presidential primaries

NYPD commissioner admits on national TV: Yes, de Blasio has lost the trust of some of our officers

Video: Jib-Jab’s 2014 in review

NY Times safeguards its irrelevancy in call for the prosecution of Dick Cheney

Variety: Obama threw gasoline on the Sony fire


Atheist Salon Writer: ‘Would Anyone Truly Mourn’ Christmas ‘If We Did Without It?’

If Not for Taxes, Gas Would Be Below $2 in 29 in States

Ugly Behind the Scenes Turmoil at Meet The Press Revealed

Jonah Goldberg: Protecting the Protesters vs. Trashing the Tea Party

A Feminist’s Christmas Tale: God Raped Mary

BREAKING: ThinkProgress Uncovers Catholic Group Acting Catholic

Producers of ‘Citizenfour'Movie Are Being Sued Over Snowden Leaks

Smoking Gun

Endangerment Bust For Holiday Sweater Wearer

Ferguson Prosecutor Gives Free Pass To Witnesses Who Lied Before Grand Jury

Man Groped Drive-Thru Worker At McDonald's

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Woman Seeks Trademark For "I Can’t Breathe,"Dying New York Man's Final Words

Ferguson Witness Floated Bizarre Phone Tale

Duo's Phony Heart Attack Scheme Foiled

Large-Breasted Suspect In Mug Shot Nip Slip

Canada Free Press

VIDEO: DOJ ‘police reform’consultant taunts NYPD police

The Christmas Hope: A To-Do List for a Better World

Warnings Of Post-Sony Cyber Attacks On U.s. Grid Underscored By Penetration Of South Korean Nuclear

NGOs hail today’s ‘historic’UN debate on North Korean abuses

What if Obama’s Climate Change Policies are Based on pHraud?

Helter Skelter amid a perfect storm

Harvard Capitulates to Anti-Semitism

A race apart

Fracking is Fundamental

The Ulsterman Report

Singer Joe Cocker Dead At 70

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Proof Of The Epic Fail Of Nearly Every Liberal Policy Of The Last 50 Years…

BEHOLD –The Power Of Cat!

NYPD Literally Turns Its Back On Mayor de Blasio Following Police Tragedy

Obama Says He’s Against Censorship?? Really?? What About THIS Story…

Report To Show Sgt. Bergdahl Deserted Fellow Soldiers –Dishonorable Discharge

Must Read True Story Of Ronald Reagan’s Response To Soviet Cyber Attack


At least 12 injured when truck crashes into Xmas shopper in Nantes

Pakistan to execute 500 convicted terrorists

ISIS sneaks behind US-backed Kurdish victories in Iraq to retake Baiji refinery city

Five Sinai Islamists killed in first encounter in Egypt’s Nile Delta

Israeli denies drone shot down in Syria

Dijon: Driver shouting 'Allahu Akbar' ploughs car into pedestrians

Saudi-brokered reconciliation between Egypt and Qatar marred by emirate’s hosting of Meshaal

Washington Post

GovBeat: GAO: Without draconian cuts, states face decades-long fiscal crisis

NYC mayor urges halt to ‘political debates and protests’ until officers are laid to rest

The Fix: In which a world leader is doused with french fries and mayonnaise

GovBeat: State holiday trees from across the country

The Fix: Cards Against Humanity turns into a political watchdog group, because why not?

The Fix: The Fix’s best political stories of 2014

Who is Ricardo Zuniga, the man who helped broker the White House deal with Cuba?

READ IN: Winter Storm Warning Edition

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), first senator to visit Liberia since Ebola outbreak, asks ‘How do we get to zero?’

Wall Street Journal

Obama Faces Battle With Congress Over Cuba

Bush's Ties to Donors Put Rivals in Bind

Obama Plans More Gitmo Transfers

White House Weighs Options Against North Korea

Obama to Nominate Yates to No. 2 Justice Job

Army to Announce Forwarding of Bergdahl Investigation Results

'I Voted Today!' Sticker Photos

It's All About Elsa (Sorry, Anna)

Review: Microsoft Band Doesn't Live Up to Expectations

An Expert in Self-Control Packs for a Book Tour

Washington Times

North Korea experiencing severe Internet outages

Pakistan to execute 500 militants in light of Peshawar massacre

North Korea skipping U.N. Security Council meeting

Top news of 2014 left public grasping for answers

Late at night, Christie doing 2016 foreign policy homework

Editorials from around Ohio

Pope scolds Vatican higher-ups for 'spiritual Alzheimer's,' hypocrisy

Chris Coons sees progress against Ebola in Liberia

Ala teen going to Antarctica for holidays

LA Times

De Blasio on shootings: 'It was an attack on every single New Yorker'

Arizona 'Dreamers' line up -- and pass tests -- for driver's licenses

N.Y. police say gunman who killed officers told bystanders to watch him

NYPD shooter had history of arrests and mental health treatment

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio sues to halt Obama's action on immigrants

France's Alstom to pay U.S. a record $772 million for foreign bribery

Pro billiards player Max Eberle looks for big break as artist

Denver marijuana blog is riding high

NY Times

Joe Cocker, English Rock Singer, Is Dead at 70

Ex-Cabinet Minister Wins Tunisian Presidential Runoff

Rep. Michael Grimm to Plead Guilty to Tax Charge

Women of Stanford’s Class of ’94 Won Just a Sliver of Silicon Valley

China Opens Inquiry Into Top Aide to Former President Hu Jintao

Personal Health: Why Cafeteria Food Is the Best

Judge Orders Tax-Fraud Trial for Princess Cristina of Spain

Erdogan Says Turkey’s Supporters of Contraception Are Traitors

USA Today

North Korea faces more heat, this time over human rights

Violent protests, terrorism, Ebola: 2014, the “Year of Turmoil”

Indonesian janitors sentenced in school rape case

Spain's $3 billion Christmas lottery winners

Indonesian officials seek desert island for refugees

Pope: Vatican bureaucracy has "spiritual Alzheimer's"

Lockheed caught up in British air traffic fiasco inquiry

2014: Year in Review – A strange year, in photos

Daily Mirror

Ukraine border guards clash with rebels near Russian border: military

What is the ice bucket challenge?

Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of 'invasion pretext'

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Gaza militants resume rocket fire at Israel after truce expires

Obama authorizes limited air strikes against militants in Iraq

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

NY Daily News

Joe Cocker dead at 70 of lung cancer

British man wakes up from coma believing he is McConaughey

Chinese lingerie thief caught after stealing 2,000 pieces

Jackie Chan’s son indicted on drug charge in China

North Korean cinema: Kidnappings and evil Americans

Argentinia court grants Sandra, an orangutan, human rights

GOP critics pile on Obama over Cuba policy shift

SEE IT: Kangaroo leaps up to knock drone down in Australia

The Times of India

British blues legend Joe Cocker dead at 70

Twin bomb blasts in northeast Nigeria bus station kill 20

13 militants killed in Karachi clash

Anti-Islamist Essebsi wins Tunisia presidential vote

Taliban threatens activist for standing up against Red Mosque

US sheriff aims to halt Obama immigration order

Kurdish fighters face stiff resistance from ISIS in Iraq

Pak court rejects acquittal pleas of Zardari in 2 cases

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